Help! Ebay received my money without my will

Hello! Today I wanted to buy something from ebay as a guest. I’ve completed all the things, and after i’ve put my curve card and ordered the item they declined my card because it wasn’t eligible but the strangest think is that they took my money, I have the proof below. What can I do now? Please, help me

Give it 3-10 working days, if your money is not yet returned raise a complaint with Curve

To add to Ivan’s message, You can contact the customer experience team by emailing them at or by raising a ticket in the Curve app. :raised_hands:

to me it sounds like the problem is on eBay’s side, in which case he should contact eBay

I’ve had this exact same issue. Curve want me to file a dispute/chargeback :expressionless: looks like there’s an issue

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