Help me with fee and currency conversion

hi All,

i live in Malta and i mainly use euro to buy, but i have an bank account and an Amex in gpb, now i would like to be able to use my Amex for purchase in euro but they charge me 2.99% fee for a no gpb purchase, i was wondering if there is a way to avoid those fee with curve?

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Nobody can help me? To avoid currency fee?

Lol it has only been 3h since you first asked :wink:

Yes, this should work. You’ll top-up your Amex wallet in GBP from your GBP card, so earn underlying rewards and pay no foreign exchange fee to Amex.

You can then spend from the Wallet in EUR, with no forex fees being charged by Amex as it isn’t being charged directly to them.

Any charges from Curve for topup and forex spend will depend on you card tier (Blue/Black/Metal).


Ok thanks,I just got invited to participate to the beta amex group and I wanted to be sure

Welcome to the community @nitros!

Looks like @ediflyer has got you covered! :slight_smile:

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A question I haven’t seen anywhere all my cards are UK based, I have Lloyds Amex (till it goes) with these fluctuations in currency rates if I think its a good rate can I lock in some euros on a card where the underlying card doesn’t charge a fee (Lloyds) by changing the card currency and topping up in euros? If you see what I mean. :thinking:

I don’t see why you’d have a problem with that

:thinking: Don’t seem to be able to do that with Amex card to load up euros in the wallet?
Lloyd’s Amex is a no fx fee card so I though load it with euros as the rate is getting better (but for how long) can’t change the currency (can with other m/c cards but they are not in the wallet). I don’t use Revolut so i am experimenting.

i believe you can load in pound and then spend them in Euro without paying fx change but no load them in Euro already

Hi Nitros not sure if you’re familiar with the beta test as it doesn’t say by your name. Beta testers can use Amex in a pre loaded wallet my question was if I can load it with € instead of £ as it appears I can’t but wanted to know fron Curve. Cheers
Marie Can you help me on this one

As the wallet and Amex functionality is for UK Cards, I’m 99% certain it’s only the GBP currency, so you’d not be able to use euros

Agree, in fact isn’t alternate currency greyed out for Amex cards (ie so only topup in GBP)