Help with new retailers after Curve Black upgrade


I’ve just upgraded to a Black card and activated in the App. How do I add the 3 extra retailers and when do the usage limits increase??

Hope someone can help.

Hi @stevecrossinc

Please have a look at the FAQs and let me know if there’s something missing :slight_smile:

Hi Marie

Thanks for responding, I’d already look through that and it appears that the app is not recognizing that I now have the Black card as it is just showing the 3 that I selected with the Standard (Blue) card with no option to select any more.

I’ve logged out and back in several times, but still remains the same with just the 3 I’ve selected and no option to select any more.

Hello Steve,
This should be a part of the upgrade process, however, you might need to contact the Customer Support team and they’ll set it up from their end.

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