Hidden Fees. What's going on with Curve?

Seems like Curve has entered into the business with hidden fees and charges. I started noticing fees due to “FX rate exceeded” since recently. I don’t mind anyone putting whatever price they want on the goods and services they offer, but the way Curve does it is problematic in so many ways:

  1. There’s totally no proactive communication whatsoever that you have reached a limit or you are about to do so.
  2. There’s an elaborate “Card limits” screen in the app, which generously informs of many other limits, but this one is never mentioned.
  3. It is pretty hard to figure out which transactions have been impacted by a limit and which did not. You have to click transaction by transaction
  4. There’s absolutely no information what is the total amount of fees charged to the account.

I am pretty sure this information is buried somewhere in the fine print, so I have no doubt what Curve is doing is legal. But it is completely another question whether such trickeries are the way to monetize an otherwise great service or rather ruin it.
In the last few months, I’ve switched to Curve as my primary card and have recommended it to a lot of friends. Unfortunately, I’ve been wrong and I have been recommending a service that violates one of the most basic rules - if you charge money to your customers, make this information available front and center.

Edit: The fees I am talking about appear as “FX transaction limit exceeded” when clicking the (i) button from the transaction screen.


Can you elaborate on what you have been charged for exactly? Have you paid for something in a different currency on the weekend? If so, the weekend surcharge is added

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I paid 90 EUR with an underlying card in BGN. There have been two types of fees applied on the transaction. The topic is about the first one - FX transaction limit exceeded

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 6.39.03 PM

Maybe you have exceeded this monthly limit?

  • Curve Blue (free) - Spend up to £500 per month fee free. There’s a 2% fee for any more spend. Withdraw up to £200 per month from foreign ATMs. There’s 2% fee or a £2 charge (whichever is higher) for any further withdrawals.
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Would be nice to see in app how much free fx limit left for current month.


Agree - worth voting on the idea for this here - Make Curve FX free limit visible in-app

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I agree we need an easy and straightforward way to check how much of the FX monthly limit has been already used.

That would be really great and will bring in some transparency and credibility to these charges incurred. I’ve spent a lot of time inspecting my transactions and trying to figure out how the heck they have calculated that I have exceeded the limit.
In the current situation I pretty sure I have not and so far support is giving me completely irrelevant responses that further degrade my trust in this service.

Did you calculate with calender month or a ‘shifting’ 30 days rolling ‘month’?


Hi @mariush,

Sorry for the unexpected fees :grimacing: The FX limits should be available in the app and we’ve told the product team about your feedback.


How about have it every calendar month? Easy to work out and if you are on holiday say from 29th to the 5th you would get a reset allowing you to spend more. I.e withdraw £200 cash on the 30th then on the 1st withdraw the next months limit of £200. Why does Curve make these things so difficult?

There are a plethora of fees if you withdraw a certain amount you could be charged 50p for a withdrawal plus over limit fee plus weekend fee plus cash machine fee at its extremes.

Can’t we just have .5% abroad for all transactions and maybe increase this to 1% for cash withdrawals job done. People value simplicity over complication even if it does cost a bit more.

As a Curve Black Legacy user, so in most cases not needing to worry about reaching FX limits, I certainly do not want this!


I’m curve black legacy too but value simplicity. I understand if you spend loads abroad then what I suggest is negative for you.

Would you reject a monthly limit as opposed to a 30 day rolling one though?

I would be fine with that. But hey, I am just one of the many Curve customers :wink:

Also noticed increased fx rates. When buying 1000€ or more, I’m using revolut, and always got better FX

Glad to see some Curve Black legacy users exist still. I had a guarantee that I’d keep black legacy benefits when I downgraded from metal (which seemed to contradict some other message in forums about losing legacy black). I hoped that Curve would have honoured me keeping legacy black on the downgrade but no dice.

Eventually replies stopped coming (via support) & I gave up. Love the basic features but after that, I don’t think I will ever subscribe. Funny, all I wanted was my legacy black cashback back.

Just curious. Did you have that guarantee in writing?
As you said, in this community as far as I know always is told that if you move from Black Legacy to another ‘tier’ you can not return.

Support chat, hence the back and forth. The forums clearly wrote leaving the tier bounced one down in all respects but I was told that I’d have retained my legacy black (via support chats), upgraded on that basis (went annual for 2 months savings) and then saw that it (cash back) changed but didn’t try to get a refund because of the debacle during that time about people still having £50 held onto as some kind of fee (a different issue itself).

I kept my metal card until it was to renew and downgraded to blue from then.

I had exactly the same issue and raised them all with Curve support who basically just said the limits exist, deal with it. On top of waiting several weeks (or no response at all) for support queries, their service seems to be going completely down the toilet.

A few legacy still exist :wink:.

The insurance of mine disappeared as its legacy but after upgrading the app (I got ios 13) the insurance is back with the insurance account number. Is travel insurance included or not? I don’t want double insurance as some don’t pay out. Confused.com

Can someone confirm that insurance is not included and why all the documents etc came back as if I’d been given it again,