Higher cash-back Black Card

Raise the cash-back to Black Cards, in order to justify the monthly fee.

Great idea

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They could just rethink the offers of black curve! It’s added offers are useless to me and I believe that there are not that many persons that think cashback in 3 retailers and insurances are worth it! I would be happy to be part of a premium plan since it is my main card but the current scenario is not a good proposition.
And if we want curve to be profitable, one way I see them increasing the cashback is by delivering some kind of credit solution, for example!

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How comes mine says 3% cashback if I upgrade to Black? And there’s no minimum term showing… is my travel insurance instant cover?

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Actually, it shows I’d get 3% on the guide… but then only 1% on the upgrade page? I wonder which is correct?

Depends if you are on the old reward program (1,5%/3% on a defined list of retailers) or on the new Curve Cash one (1% on three/six you need to choose from a defined list).

Hmmm lattes :drooling_face:

So… does this mean I WILL get 3% if I upgrade, and am not on a fixed term? Or does this mean I’ll only get 3% and I’m paying for black for ghits and siggles?

Check this page:


Al depends on when you signed up to Curve. If you are on Curve Blue and receive or have received 1% on three selected retailers for 3 months, upgrading to Curve Black will give you also 1% on three selected retailers for the duration of your Curve Black subscription (minimum subscription period for Curve Black is 1 month).
If you are on the old rewards scheme and on Curve Blue then you can decide to stay on the old rewards scheme when upgrading to Curve Black and get 3% Cashback instead of 1,5% when spending at the defined list of (mostly UK-based) retailers.

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