Higher contactless payment limit

I saw that Mastercard raised the limit for contactless payment without PIN to 50€.
Yesterday I had to enter the PIN for contactless pay of 36€.
So what is the current limit?
Would be nice to have a higher limit (or Google pay in Germany :wink:).

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This apparently takes effect on the 1st of April.

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You have 2 limits, your card issuer’s limit and your country’s limit. Whatever is lower will be your effective limit. Here in Portugal limits were raised from 20 to 30€, so that’s all I can use without having to put the PIN after tapping the card, even if a lot of cards are now up to 50€ on their end

For anyone interested in knowing the new contactless limits per country: https://newsroom.mastercard.com/eu/press-releases/mastercard-enables-contactless-limit-raise-across-29-countries-and-champions-permanent-increase/


Spoke to curve support about this when I was denied making a contactless purchase above £30 in the UK. Turns out they go live on the 1st April and my transaction I as attempted in store before the 1st. Again as said above, it depends on the merchants limit as well.

The software needs to be updated locally so different establishments will take different lengths of time.