Higher limits

The old prepaid cards, which will be discontinued next week, have a max. daily / transaction limit of 5000 GBP, with the new debit cards its even lower, 3750 GBP.
This can’t be for security reasons, cause with in app notifications we clearly see every time our Curve card is used and it also wouldn’t make sense to offer a limit of 20kGBP for 1 month then.

I regularly have to use my underlying cards instead of my Curve card because I make higher purchases, meaning in the end I still have to carry the other cards with me, which is a pain. Also from the Curve poi there is a huge revenue loss to not be able to make profit on the high transactions.
The Curve card should actually have the same limit as the underlying card, meaning as long as the underlying card can be charged, we should be able to use our Curve card.


This is a great idea in principle, but I doubt they can see your underlying limit.

It begs the question, why have a limit, if the underlying card accepts the transaction let it go ahead.


I agree completely with lucas, and he precisely described how curve should handle it.

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Also agree with this. The limits are a pain because you end up having to take all you other cards with you defeating part of the point of having Curve in the first place. Also, once the annual limit is hit the Curve card is useless for the rest of the year so goes back in the draw. MBNA allow me to put £200k plus a year (work expenses) on underlying card so I’m unsure why Curve can’t facilitate this. If no limits I’d happily use only Curve card.


Yeah, higher limits would be really useful. I’m nearing mine already, so find myself using a different card when out and about, so I know that I’ll be able to use Curve abroad etc. My wallet is still full


Yep - close to my limits for past few months so only able to use Curve for small amounts. Also not clearly off as quick as I expected when passing 365 days.

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I do think that the basic limit for the card should be 5k and if you want to boots up then it can choose from 8k, 10k,15k…etc like that

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perhaps the annual spending limit will be increased or removed when the metal card is introduced?

given that curve was original aimed at entrepreneurs it is irritating to cap the annual spend, especially when HMRC accept curve for SA and VAT payments


@sgtjohnkeel how are you paying SA with it? Mine keeps declining on the website.

Totally agree! But it may be better that the spending limit can be set by user rather than reading underlying card limit.

i haven’t tried for SA yet

but the point stands. Annual spend limit would be restrictive for any small businesses trying to pay VAT returns or even make large purchases from suppliers on a regular basis

  • 1 - would love to see a card with higher annual spend limit. I would gladly pay for a premium card with a higher annual limit than £50K. @Curve_Marie, there was PR previously on the HFP site about other premium paid cards being launched by Curve. Any update on when these cards would be released?
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I suspect that’s a reference to the Metal card, which we are currently working on. There’s no update on new limits yet, but I can share that we would like to cater to higher spenders.


I completely agree with everything here - I’m stillp spending huge amounts on other cards because I’m close to the 365 day rolling limit. The sooner these limits are massively increased (or even better removed), the sooner I can use Curve for all my transactions, and genuinely remove all my other cards from my wallet.


It does seem counterproductive to impose limits as whats the point in having a Curve Card if You still need to carry a 2nd or 3rd Card just in case You get to the limits (Embarrassing at the Check Out)

Why would you feel embarrassed? It happens, banks freeze cards all the time nowadays because everything and anything makes them suspect of fraud. And most often there are issues with the TPA provider and not the cards used

How high are the limits for Curve Black users does anyone know? Anyone had their limits increased at all? I’m looking to buy a car in a few months and would love to use Curve, but my biggest hurdle is the daily limit.

Hopefully Curve Metal is released soon as I deperately want the unlimited no-fee Amex!

3750 GBP / daily limit
20k GBP / month
50k GBP / year


We wish to improve our offering catered to high spenders and are working on creating enhanced limits that are greater than the current ones :slight_smile:

Everyone starts out with the same limits and can request to increase them after 8 weeks. It’s the fees that differs for the Blue or Black card. You can find the overview (“FEE TABLE”) at the bottom of our terms.


I’m a few thousand away from my 365-day limit. What do I do after I reach it? Throw my Curve card in the cupboard and go back to using my regular cards?

£3750 per day is nothing - that’s a good night out for some of us. :open_mouth: