Higher limits

Are the Curve limits increasing from £50k per year? If so what new limits apply to the four card options (Blue, legacy Black, new Black, Metal)?


Message so far (which I hope continues) have always been that are per user and by spend pattern, nothing to do with card type.

General feedback on Head for Points has been that £100k is potentially available if you ask support, plans are apparently to eventually move to £1.45m max (!) but no word re timing or how someone would achieve those limits!!


Well I hope they do increase I did ask the support many times but everytime they say “it’s the highest we offer” 100k would be nice for a start

I wonder if anyone knows if there are new limits now Curve is part of World Elite MasterCard.
My understanding is that the old maximum limits are £50,000 per year, £20,000 per month etc.
I had been reading online that with the new card launch (subject to credit checks etc) there should be far higher spending limits. This would also make the new re-launch and subscription fees more palatable.
Does anyone know about this? Or anyone from Curve.

Higher limits would improve the economics of the Curve metal card for American Express purchases. See: At what point do the American Express wallets pay-off their costs and become profitable? How profitable?

Any news regarding the spending limit? IS it planned in the future or are we stuck to the 30 days, daily and yearly limits?

Don’t really understand what you’re speculating about. The new metal card is indeed a worldelite MasterCard, however that doesn’t mean any credit check as it’s still a debit card. The limits are due to KYC/AML and not related to your subscription tier or type of card

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I am trying to understand if there are higher limits as these are relatively low
The FAQs only speak about enhanced limits up to £50k so it isn’t clear if higher limits are available

Currently there aren’t higher limits

I hit my daily limit today, and recieved a text message to say ‘Please contact support to increase your limits.’

There are higher limits
I have just seen chat on head for points
Some have been given £100k
I have also been in contact with a writer in head for points who has far higher limits just found out today after posting this
He wrote an article and has confirmed he has these limits

What are the Curve Card limits?

Irrespective of the limits on your underlying cards, Curve has its own daily, monthly and annual limits. Your limits are increased as Curve begins to ‘trust’ your behaviour.

These are the maximum limits you can get:

Daily spend (inc ATM withdrawals) – £4,500
Daily ATM withdrawal cap – £1,000
Monthly spending limit (on a rolling 30 day basis) – £120,000
Annual spending limit – £1,400,000

This should cover even the highest tax bills. As I said, though, you have no chance of being given a limit anywhere close to this on Day 1. The limit you get is not linked to the type of Curve Card you use.


£100k limits are available just now (as mentioned above dependent on KYC/AML/length of time with Curve, etc - basically up to compliance to decide). The much higher limits mentioned on HfP have apparently been confirmed but are not yet available to customers.


I asked Curve last night after reading HFP. My card has been in the drawer for months. We’ll see what they have to say, although response delayed due to the antics around Amex no doubt (but my ticket was in before that went wrong, so I should be top :rofl: )


Don’t hold your breath Zx - I asked Curve through the app first thing on Monday morning after I read the Head for Points article, and 48 hours later I’ve still not had my ticket responded to… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Back in the drawer til April then!!

Was just about to take it to work with me in case they replied today!!

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Please let us know if you ever get a reply. I did the same and they haven’t responded either.

Was upped to £100k eventually

I need a more varied spend to get any higher because I’m using the card where an underlying credit card (Visa/MC) wouldn’t usually be accepted… erm, isn’t that exactly what Curve advertise when promoting Amex??

How can they have it both ways? Plus they get a cut of transaction, so I don’t see what the fuss is anyway… @Curve_Marie @Curve_Alejandro ???

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Yep asked nicely and got 100k limit within a few days
Only wish my tax bill didn’t require such a number!

Thanks curve

No thanks HMRC

I’m pleased to say that they finally responded to me and upped my limit to 100k, the daily limit is 4.5k and 30 day 20k. The only one which should bite for me is the 4.5k on certain transactions but that should be in a rare instance and hopefully I’ll be able to split payments or something.


Can I please ask, how do you get the new £100k limit? What needs to be done to have this?