Higher spending limit on upgrade?

Do I get higher spending limits, if I upgrade to Black or Metal card?


No, spending limits are unrelated to your card/subscription tier.

I guess only higher fee free FX limit. Other spend limits are not dependent on subscription tier.
Please contact support if you want other limits lifted.

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I just spent my yearly limit and thought upgrading the card to the next tier will fix that. Now I don’t know what to do. No one reaches back on the chat though saying it will take max. 48 hours.
Does changing the tier help at all? Can someone help?
I’m on vacation and a little fucked by that…

Since I just found out that upgrading has no change to the spending limit, I tried to figure out how to ask for that.
Can someone please tell me the procedure to ask for spending limit upgrade?

Contact Curve support, through the app, by email support@curve.app or through the webform (Curve Card > Card Limits). After a ticket is created you can follow/chase up by Twitter (@AskCurve) or Facebook. But since most of the times this involves sending them some ‘documentation’ this will not be arranged within a couple of hours.


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Thanks for reply. As I said in my last post, they do not reply via chat… i will write them a mail, thanks!

The current “chat” in the app is just another way to create a ticket (just like sending them an email or contacting them through the webform). The premium live in-app has been “temporarily” switched off.
So if you already contacted them through the app (and waited for 48 hours), you can chase up through Twitter (@AskCurve) or Facebook, because a ticket will already be created.