HMRC Not Recognising Curve Card as Mastercard Debit

Hi - just tried to pay my UK Corp tax with my Curve Metal card and it would not work. HMRC site says it is not a Mastercard Debt card - it states “Card Type selected does not match the card number entered”.
Has HMRC stopped allowing Curve?

I made an HMRC payment yesterday, worked fine.

Hey @cmbird71 welcome to the Community! I see that you’ve been in touch with our team on this and they’re looking into it at the moment for you.

I find that if I enter the card type, then enter the card number, the card type changes and I have to change it back to MasterCard debit. Don’t know why the HMRC site does this but correcting the card type seems to fix it and the payment goes through.

I have the same issue - tried the colinje way but still not working.

Very annoying

Hi, I am facing same issue. I have to pay VAT by 7th of Nov and my metal card is not accepted by HRMC

I have to select the last option in the card type which has fees 0.01/%. Then the payment went through successfully. Not expected this charge for Metal Curve card

What is ‘the last option in the card type’?

Last option for card type is Mastercard/Maestro Commercial Debit/Prepaid with 0.01% charge

Ok. Are you sure your Curve card is not a commercial/business one?
If it’s a commercial/business one it should be written on the card.

Yes it is written as business and i have metal card…

Ok, so that’s the reason you had to chose ‘Mastercard/Maestro Commercial Debit/Prepaid’ and that’s why the 0.01% charge.

Did you ‘ask’ (e.g. by selecting ‘self employed’ as your profession) for a commercial Curve card or was it sent to you by mistake? If the latter you can ask Curve support to send you a personal one, but as you are mentioning VAT payment probably the former.

I think there’s something going on with HRMC, rather than Curve.

I paid my VAT last month with my Starling card - no problem (Mastercard Debit). This month, I’m having the same issue as the OP.

Hey guys, I can confirm that HMRC are now charging a fee for payments made with Business debit cards. Unfortunately we’re not able to stop any fees applied by HMRC. You can read more about it here -

Hi Hannah - my metal Curve card is not a business card its a personal one. So that doesn’t explain why my card did not work.

If you put the first six digits of your card number in here what do you get?

Hey, can you pop a message to our support team at so they can double check this for you?

For what it’s worth, I have never been able to pay for my childcare costs via HMRC using my Curve Metal card.

Have the same issue on what should be a personal card. Worked fine last week

Hey @sg welcome to the Community! I’ve only seen this issue when the wrong card type was being selected. You can get in touch with our support team to double check if you have a business card and they can change it for you if needed too.