HMRC Payment through Virgin Atlantic card?

Has anybody got experience using a Virgin Atlantic card through Curve Metal to pay HMRC payments? I believe Curve won’t charge fees (1.5%) for Metal but will Virgin take the MCC code (Government payments - 9399) as a purchase?

The mcc won’t be the same to virgin, so don’t worry

And if it does, just go back in time to a different card

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Yes, they will count it as a purchase.

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Thanks, yes they did count as a purchase.

Really, then I have misunderstood curve fronted. I thought MCC codes passed through, and that curve let you use a credit card where only debit cards were excepted (e.g. paying down an AMEX card).

So if I understand correctly, if I use curve to make a balance transfer or money transfer, the underlying credit card provider won’t recognise these as BTs/MTs and I wouldn’t pay the fees associated?

Actually you do understand this and how Curve Fronted works correctly. Apart from a few exceptions, Curve does pass through the MCCs (for both Curve Fronted and Non Curve Fronted transactions).
So balance transfers and money transfer will be recognised, based on the MCC, as such by the underlying card.

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