HMRC payment with Natwest credit card as underlying card

Hello fellow Curve users,

A quick question from a new user: has anyone used Curve to pay HMRC with a Natwest Credit card as an underlying card? I wanted to check if Natwest was treating the transaction as a purchase.

Thank you All and have a lovely evening

PS: I posted this as a brand new topic as I could not find a recent one on the same theme… Apologies if this is not correct and messing the forum…

I used IHG/Creation to pay my HMRC bill and wasnt charged any extra fees by the credit card provider. why dont you log in to your hmrc account and pay £5, let a few days go by and assess what NatWest does ? thats what I did with IHG with £100

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Hi Krys, yes that’s an excellent idea actually, I will do that… Thank you for your advice

cool. let us know how you get on. enjoy the card.

Hi Krys and everyone.
So… the small payment test was successful, £25 payment was treated as purchase by Natwest and I have now paid the full amount to HMRC…
Thanks again

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awesome news. all the best.

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