HMRC payments being declined on Blue Card

Wondered if anyone else is experiencing this. We’re coming up to the July tax payment so I thought I’d use my Curve card. When I entered the Curve card number the HMRC site identifies it as a Mastercard Debit (Commercial) and wants to charge me 1.8% more. It’s never done that before. Tried with two different underlying credit cards. Same result.
Is this something to do with switching card processors or because I have Blue? I thought Curve should just charge me 1.5%.

If the HMRC website is telling you this fee then it’s not to do with Curve fronted or Curve fees. I see this was due to change later in the year, I wonder if they’re testing the functionality?!

Does you Curve card say Business on the back?

And have you enabled “Curve Fronted” in the app? If you haven’t the transaction will be declined by Curve.

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HMRC have charged holders of business credit cards, a fee for many years.

Paying HMRC by a personal debit card is free.

If you use your Blue Curve Card with an underlying credit card than Curve will charge 1.5% of your payment in addition to whatever HMRC charge

I assume you know that you can delay your self assessment tax payments from July 20 to Jan 21 penalty free under the following:

Good call, Rob. I didn’t even know that option existed. Have just found it under My Profile in the app and it did the trick. The HMRC site still changed the type of card to Commercial Debit after I put in the Curve card number, but after I changed it back to Personal Debit it seemed to accept it and not charge a fee. Interestingly, the back of my card says “Commercial”. Maybe I need to ask Curve to change it to Personal.
In the meantime I need to ask Curve to do a Go Back in Time as I had selected the wrong card. Doh!
Thanks for your help folks.

Yes if you drop a message they’ll be able to reissue a personal debit card for you - could be important come Nov when they sound like they’ll be enforcing fees for commercial debit cards.

Thanks EdiFlyer
I’ll sort out the replacement personal card once I’ve sorted the Go Back in Time. Don’t want to complicate matters.
And yes, gt94sss2, I did know about the option to delay HMRC payments. Just don’t want it hanging over me. And needed to hit a spend target on a new card! :wink:
Appreciate your help.

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