Unable to use this card with HMRC- not recognizing and rejecting due to address being different (standard error message) This is clearly wrong and a Curve issue. I got this card for this very reason- I pay an annual fee. I have received no feedback/support/response to messages for months and there is no phone support. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND BORDERLINE FRAUD.



If you do manage to pay HMRC with your Curve card the underlying credit card will probably charge a 5% fee! This is just the beginning of the Curve journey…

Really? :thinking:

Yeah, really.

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I agree with you 100% and some people are super narrow focused or indeed blind to the hard cold facts that curve has no customer support service.

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Absolute wrong course of action to take.

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I don’t see why. It’s not a usual response to cancel a subscription if there’s a delay in response from customer services but Curve’s customer services is so dysfunctional it’s not a normal situation. What other Fintech has to be contacted by Twitter or Facebook in the hope that that gets a response? And what others take weeks or months to respond if a card is stolen or you want to cancel a subscription. You can’t run a company where there are IT and other issues with no customer service and an ethos of not providing any information about anything.

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That’s why.

In any case a Curve Metal subscription has a minimum term of 6 months. If the subscription is cancelled which not paying any subscription fee will be classed as, within the first 6 months there will be a £50.00 charge for the card.

And as Curve’s customer service is so dire many will find there’s little alternative but to cancel the subscription unilaterally. Paying for a service that’s not being received in breach of contract.

What’s amazing is that Curve are unwilling or unable to resolve the lack of customer service. Even simple steps such as having a Curve representative on here would help, and presumably wouldn’t cost much, but their failure to do so makes me think this is a systemic issue with Curve which is also reflected in the lack of investor updates.

They already do.

I assume you’re referring to Joel who, without getting too personal, exemplifies the problem - occasional contributions, promises of updates that never materialise, and ignores requests for information. As I said, there’s systemic problems with Curve with regard to customer support.

Now the Community Manager to use his proper title, can only work with what he is given.

You wanted a Curve representative I told you there is one but then of course there is something else to moan about, because of course there would be…

Told people here run while you can. Cancel the card and be done with them there is no support. If metal and black were a 10 min wait time for support I would sign up for black card now

I’m complaining because there is no effective customer support. Sure, there’s a Curve representative, and I was aware of this before my earlier postings today. He’s ignored my requests for help as he’s done for others. But critically, he is disengaged, and the performance of the Community Manager is just as impactful as Customer Support. Curve should realise that calling someone ‘Community Manager’ or having ‘Customer Support’ means more than just a title. The job needs to be done and that’s not happening. If this continues there’s no way Curve will survive, and since there’s obviously no investment in customer support or community engagement I assume the money is running out, and as subscribers walk away they’ll be less money…

Well it’s always nice that someone without an Curve account is putting their points across but it would have more value if you actually were using the product.

Then again maybe that might just be me…

I can tell you this for nothing, I have skin in the game, both as an investor and as an actual user that’s had a card so long ago, that I remember when they only offered cards to business users.

Who was was so interested in the product he had a business? :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I still have a no fee account and I walked from Curve because of the awful service. I think potential customers should be aware of what they are getting for their subscription. I’ve a friend who wasn’t aware of the grim performance of Curve and is now £800 out of pocket after a transaction was cancelled with a vendor but remains as a charge through Curve. They’ve gone through the ‘Curve experience’ of trying to get the funds returned but have had no contact with customer services for 10 weeks and counting.

I’ve also lost money through my engagement with Curve. I subscribed to Curve Metal when I naively trusted Curve when they said that Amex would be back after the three-day hiatus of being able to use Amex as an underlying card. I again naively trusted Curve when I was charged a 5% fee for using Curve Fronted with my Virgin Atlantic credit card and was told by the Community Manager that the situation was being investigated with Virgin Money. I really didn’t expect a financial institution to then ignore all requests for updates on either issue presumably because the news from Amex and Virgin undermined the Curve offering. Continuing to promote Curve Metal is fundamentally dishonest and I’m not going to quietly let others pay fees to Curve when they can’t deliver.

There’s a simple solution for Curve - they need to deal with account problems and be honest with customers - no more of the “unusual level of customer queries so there may be a bit of a delay before hearing from them”. Curve is not fit for purpose now and if it can’t resolve the ongoing crisis it should close the doors. I suspect it is currently trading without sufficient funds which means the director(s) should take action. What’s really needed is a U.K. newspaper to pick up in what’s going on in their financial pages.

Have any of you though of filling a complaint with the ombudsman?
It’s what it’s basically there for and will potentially lead to compensation although it can take a bit to get a result it’s stil worth doing.
If curve don’t respond within 8 weeks you can file anyway.

So you’re a consumer champion of sorts? Hmmmmm interesting…

Just because you feel that Curve didn’t work for you does not mean that Curve isn’t working perfectly for thousands of others. However I can see you’re on a crusade of sorts, everybody needs some sort of hobby I guess…

This is pretty silly. It certainly didn’t work for me as I was caught up in the Virgin Atlantic and Amex fiascos. On both occasions Curve said they were investigating and did nothing. Is that a reasonable way to behave as a responsible Fintech?

Curve is not functioning properly and I’m sure is not working perfectly for anyone. When a financial company ignores customers and costs them money I don’t think they should carry on as though everything is fine. Financial companies have to be held to a high standard, something that is sorely missing with Curve. And I’m not sure at all it’s the product, it used to work well. It’s the ethos of the company to be secretive and opaque and the staff playing along.

So I’ll carry on commentating on the ineptitude of Curve, and there’s no shortage of material on this on a daily basis as the service collapses.

Works OK for me.

Beware the strawman existing in a bubble

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