HMRC payments unsuccessful, no response from Curve!

I have been trying to pay HMRC since 1st June and the payments keep being unsuccessful.

I have contacted Curve via the support email and through the app and no response. I understand the bank holiday period but even an auto response would have been nice.

I tried on different browsers, different devices and my father is having the same issue with his Curve Metal card.

He did a nominal payment with his actual bank card which was processed immediately. It defeats the purpose of having the Curve Metal card if you end up using your original bank card.

Is anyone else having issues paying HMRC? The underlying card is the Virgin Atlantic credit card which processed the payment successfully in May.

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Hello @yoyo.debbie,

what error do you see (or do you even see an error) in the Curve app when you try to initiate the transaction?

Hi FlareCO and thank you for your guidance.

It doesn’t appear in the Curve app. It doesn’t appear to actually contact Curve at all, just pretty instant, Unsuccessful on the HMRC Site. My address was entered correctly, plenty of funds on the underlying card, it never got to the 3D secure part and the card is issued in the UK. It has to be a Curve issue since the bank debit card was accepted and it didn’t even ask for a secure code. I have the normal Metal card, my dad’s is the Commercial Metal, so we didn’t really want to use his as HMRC charge a fee for commercial, but again, it was unsuccessful.

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Same problem here so its not just you.

I successfully paid HMRC on the 27th May with no issues, tried to make another payment last week and I get the same Unsuccessful message. Even tried changing the underlying card but it doesn’t work. I contacted Curve and they finally got back to me and said they reset my account but it makes no difference.

No response yet to my second message, unfortunately I need to pay by the close of business tomorrow so it looks like I’ll need to look for another alternative. This was the whole reason I had Curve, its unacceptable to take days to respond to a query and not actually look into the issue properly.


Same problem here. Curve working perfectly with HMRC during May. Tried to do a payment this and last week, failed. Same error as others, “The address you gave may not match the one your card issuer has.”

Would be great if you could come back with a fix please CURVE as I have METAL for this reason?

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I have the same problem on Income Tax payments using Curve Metal – with the exact same message as @yoyo.debbie (with a different underlying card, which confirms it’s a Curve issue). Tried multiple times over the last few days (5, 6, 7 June).

Last used Curve Fronted for an HMRC payment in mid-May which worked fine.


I have exact same ‘Payment unsuccessful’ with error message stating potential address issue, but can confirm address is 100% correct, and ‘Curve Fronted’ active.

I’ve also tried to use credit card directly/outside of Curve (so with fees), but same issues applies, which leads me to believe issue is with HMRC themselves.

So we know some of us are affected, but can anyone confirm they have successfully paid via Curve recently, and when was that please?

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My underlying credit card is working fine outside of Curve and with all payments with Curve other than HMRC. Did you use a credit card or debit to try outside of Curve for HMRC? I know that HMRC don’t take personal credit cards but our personal debit card went through fine. I last made a payment on 3rd May with no issue.

I tried my Visa business credit card outside of Curve, which failed in exact same way trying to pay HMRC.

Just tried again and it finally works. To be fair to Curve I think the issue was on the HMRC side judging by other complaints on Twitter.

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Hey folks, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been affected by this issue. Our team are aware that there’s been an increase in declines for payments made to HMRC over the weekend and they’re working hard to identify the cause of the issue.

If you’d like to help with this investigation then there are a couple of things you can do!

First off, please let us know if you were prompted to authenticate the failed transaction via a text or in-app notification?
Also, if you see any error messages when attempting similar payments, it will be beneficial for our support team to receive screenshotted examples of this through the in-app chat. :grin:


Thank you for the update, I’ve just paid our bills :tada:.

I deleted Twitter a few years ago as it all seems very negative. Very stressful not being able to pay but so glad it has been fixed and we can continue collecting points!

Also now working for me. As my corporate card failed on HMRC it was clearly an issue with their payment processing. Back to loving using CURVE :grinning:

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Ditto - all good now :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear this issue has been resolved for you all! I’ll keep this topic open for a while just in case any more pesky errors pop up but it seems like we’re in the clear. :+1:

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