Horrifying exchange rate GBP/EUR

I am a Curve Blue user and I have just experienced one of the most disturbing experiences with Curve ever.

Just went to the gas station to fill up 20.00 EUROS and got charged GBP 50.00£ with an exchange rate of 1£ =0.40€.

Does anyone know how this is possible???

It must have something to do with the preauthorized amount put on the card. I agree that’s not at all how it should be displayed, but doubt that’s the final amount you’ll be charged. It should get adjusted.


That is s pre-authorisation, correct amount filled will clear in about 2 days. It always happens at gas stations, some even reserve £100


It doesn’t represent the final amount. Just a pre authorization. Quite frequent with such cards.

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This has been solved! As you guys said it was a pre-authorised charge and it was refunded to me in two days.