Hotel deposit

Hi all

I’ve used Curve for a while now. Generally really impressed. However, I’ve used the card as the deposit for a hotel in New York. The deposit is $70 and has been fully charged to the underlying credit card. I was assuming it would remain as a pending amount until we checked our at which point it would just clear. I have since discovered through Google that only deposits of £150 plus are automatically assigned. What happens now? I’d like them to cancel the transaction and refund the card as it isn’t authorised (not having incurred any actual charges). I have sent a message to Curve but haven’t even had an acknowledgement. I haven’t spoken to the hotel yet as I’m hoping to avoid explaining as they’ll say that they have nothing to refund as they haven’t charged me yet!

Thanks for any help

Once the hotel don’t take the money it will eventually work its way through and be refunded. Support should get back to you in due course. In general I personally never use Curve or one of the app-banks (eg Starling, etc) for deposits. I would use a normal cc then if any charges due would change card at checkout.


Thanks very much for the reply. Yes I won’t be using it again for a deposit that’s for sure.

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