How can I change the Curve cash retailers I previous selected?

I upgraded to Metal last week, and then I chose 6 retailers on Curve cash.
But I accidentally chose two petrol brands (BP and Shell) among which I only need one.
How could I change the retailers selection? There is no button for me to change.

There is no possibility for you to change them by yourself (but you can vote for it here). You need to contact Curve support and explain what happened, they will judge per case if they will change them for you (or reset them, so you can change them yourself).

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Yep, I really think there needs to be a much clearer warning for this when selecting retailers. I’ve still not selected any of my 6 as I’m unsure if I’ll need to change them and so far the amount I would spend at most of the existing ones would be pretty minimal anyway (so only worth a few pence in Curve Cashback)

I think if you message support they can unlock them and you can select the 6 again.