How can I get a Curve Investor card? or any Curve card with no 16 digits on? I don't know any other card who offers this

some countries i travel too, the cashiers like to wander off with my card when paying for something, eg to the other side of the resto back-end area, sometimes they have never seen my card and wander off with it into the back office to ask their manager if it’s a legit card.

once i joined a gym and as i was joining, the gym staff member who was setting up my membership took a couple of snaps of my card so the receptionist in the head office in Saigon could setup the membership.

the thing is, as soon as i noticed this, i had to break through their cultural norms and explain i was not happy with my digits been copied down like this for their membership (in the UK it’s usually a direct debit), it was too late though. their contract was 25 pages long and for the rest of the trip i kept my curve card blocked and stopped using it, I used my Revolut card instead for the rest of the trip, glad i did too as the gym tried to take a payment too early and when i tried to cancel the membership after 3 months, they tried to take one extra final payment for the 4th month, due to me ‘not giving enough notice’

a case of their ‘verbal’ sell of the membership to me not matching their 25 page gym membership contract.

any way i thought you may as well hear the background story

my main point is, since then, being back in the UK, i have been on the hunt for a card with no 16 digits on the card - because when these things happen when you are abroad for long periods of time, it’s not as easy as ordering a new card.

i know the apple card will do this once it’s out in the UK.

I know curve does this with their investor card,

If i can invest to get one of these cards, can somebody from curve tell me what to do.

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Hi Daniel, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Curve had a crowdfunding investment campaign back in 2019. I believe other crowdfunding campaigns may be had by Curve at a later date.

Newer non investor cards going forwards will be numberless so if you ask Curve Customer Service they might be able to grant your request, subject to if they have any ordered and in stock.

You can reach them at

Good luck.


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This is great news I will email them now thanks!

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