How can I make the app remember the category for recurrent transactions?

I have a few purchases which are incorrectly categorized, for example i want “Bills” and not “Shopping”. I can change the category of one transaction, but I notice the app doesn’t remember it and uses the wrong one for the subsequent transactions.

Is there a way to make it remember the category I set or to set manual categories for recurrent transactions?


Hi @johnq, this isn’t possible just yet but I love this as a general suggestion for a quality of life improvement. I’ve moved your post to the ‘Ideas’ section of the Community so that other users can show their support and vote on this idea too. :grin:

I thought this was a bug, instead it’s a missing feature. :flushed:

I think it’s a must. Many of my groceries transactions are saved as ‘Shopping’, I keep changing them into ‘Groceries’ but all the existing and future transactions of the same type at the same store just keep being added as ‘Shopping’. :weary:
It’s driving me crazy.
Unless I change all of them by hand one by one, the ‘My Money > Insights > Categories’ feature becomes useless too. :frowning_face:

Hey @Gabelliere, thanks for adding your thoughts on this. I appreciate that this could majorly effect your experience of budgeting with Curve!