How can I use my referral money?

Hello, I’m a new Curve user. Can I use the 5 GBP I get whenever I reffer someone, however I want as long as I’m using the Curve card or can I use it only at selected retailers etc?

Hi Filip :wave:,

You can use it any retailer of your choosing, it works just like a debit card would :slight_smile:.

Hope that helps, but reply back if not.

What about online purchases. Can I use my Curve card to buy things online?

Yep you can, any place a MasterCard Debit works, your Curve card should.

Yes, however be aware that (a) some retailers charge £1 preauth when adding a card to the account, you’ll need to either spend £4 at the time then £1 later or wait for it to go back to £5 available after a week or so (b) you can only spend less than or equal to your Curve Cash balance - if you try to spend more it will be declined.

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Ok. Thank You all very much for help.

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