How can I use this cash on Curve?

Can anyone help me guys?

Assuming you mean Curve Cash, have a look here:

Spending with my Curve Cash card

You can spend your Curve Cash straight away at any physical or online shop, exactly as you would with any other card in your Curve Wallet.

Depending on your bank, you can even top up your supported prepaid cards or pay off your credit card statements using your Curve Cash. The only difference is ATM transactions, as you won’t be able to make withdrawals.

To use your Curve Cash, select your Curve Cash card as your active payment method before you make your purchase. Make sure that you have enough points to cover your entire purchase, otherwise, it’ll be declined.

We’ve also introduced a feature that allows you to automatically pay with Curve Cash for any purchase without having to manually select Curve Cash. You can read more about it here.


Is it possible to get some information on how this works? I’ve had a refund and as Curve was “unable to match your refund to its original transaction”, it’s been added to Curve cash (as expirable points)
This is curious as the underlying credit card is still on Curve and still valid. I guess it’s because it a partial refund but the payment reference is exactly the same.
So, I would like to pay off the balance with the Curve cash but I can’t figure out the process. Is this an in-app process or is it just a case of using the actual card number to set up a payment / transfer? Any clarification appreciated :slight_smile:

You indeed use your Curve card details while you have your Curve cash card selected as underlying card. I don’t have any experience myself paying of Credit card statements with Curve, but from other communities/websites I know this is possible for some creditcards. My own experience is with topping up my Revolut account with my Curve card.

Hi poeliev, thanks for a quick reply. I too have a Revolut card so I’ve topped that up instead. Thanks for the suggestion, works a treat.

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