How do i choose my Metal card colour?

Hi, I’ve just upgraded to metal and wasn’t given the choice of what colour I want, when do i get to choose and also what retailers i want to use.

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you should see one or more circles below the card on the upgrade screen.

If you already upgraded and didnt select your favorite color then contact support asap and ask if they can cancel it, otherwise you get i think in blue as default metal.

If you couldn’t select any other color that means there was no other color available.


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There are currently 3 colours you can choose from: Black Metal, Rose and Blue. It made you choose the colours during the upgrade.

Read here

Hi Mattia, I don’t see that option under Curve cash options all i have is 3 options named, Legacy cashback,Use Automatically and Send Email Receipts! nothing about selecting retailers

If you open “Legacy Cashback” what does it look like? Can you take screenshots?

It looks like you are a long time Curve customer and are still on the legacy cashback/rewards program. You will need Curve support ( or through the curve app) to move you away from this program and put you on the metal cashback program. Keep in mind however that when moved away from the legacy cashback/rewards program you can not be put back on it.


there is no blue metal anymore? so sad XD

Now there is the new Metal Black.

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