How do I contact Curve by phone?

How would I go about contact Curve over the phone? About a week ago I asked them to upgrade me from Blue to Black. Which they did, but as they sent the new card they blocked the old one and has not yet charged me for the Black card (and wallet). I am therefore unable to use either card until they do. I have tryed reaching out to them by email, but unfortunately they have an average response time on 3 days which makes it very hard to communicate with them.

The in-app chat I hear people talk abut has never worked for me.

Neither has the in app chat worked for me. My friend’s card got retained by the atm. And we have not heard from curve since. Not even the first email. which is quite depessing. seeing as a lost card is very very urgent,.

For lost and stolen cards there is a phone number, it is on the back of the card.

Getting in touch with Curve has been an issue I’ve also had in the past. Before they launch a bunch of new features, they should make sure they have the basics working.

That’s only to block the card. Nothing else.

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LOL! lost the card. look for card to get lost card number… haha.

anyhow. called that number. they said its only to help freeze the card. which they did. But asked to email in to get replacement. which its been over a week now. No new card seen. But seeing the storm they are in now. We just decided to cut them some slack.

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“If you don’t have access to the app and have misplaced your card, please call our emergency lost and stolen phone line: +44 203 322 2585*.”

Thanks… but… we have called the line. they asked us to email in. they only help block/freeze the card and nothing more. Which we have emailed in. Which they have not replied.

Hi @BendikHa,
there is no chat option in the app(s). You can just raise a support ticket from the app, it sends an email to our support email address.
When you create such a ticket it can add some context, e.g. regarding specific transactions, so it can make things easier and quicker for us to help you.

Hi Tobias,

Could you help check that system? Has never worked for me. and a few people have mentioned the app support system has never worked too.
In addition. Could you also look into the emails you received for one with regards to card being retained and requesting for a new card?


Let’s face it the contact and reply facility is shambolic especially when your talking about regulated personal banking and finances.

My average reply has been 4 days with some not even replied back to. My last reply was not helpful and quite curt. Not very engaging whatsoever. This needs to stop.

Why does Curve not offer a phone service with call back feature as an added benefit is beyond me. Clearly Curve is is struggling very badly at the moment and their first port of call should be direct customer service engagement.


They do not wish to engage with their customers by telephone and so all you can do is submit a ticket and wait and wait and wait then get a response that doesn’t meet that which you asked then reply and wait and wait etc etc

Hi @LittleTeo,

which system?

I can’t make any promises regarding emails sent to support, all I can ask is to be patient or to flag urgent requests yourself.

The in app ticket system. Never worked for me. I rely on emailing directly. The in app ticket system never opens a ticket for me.

[How do I contact Curve by phone?]

You don’t :slight_smile:

Sorry you are not experiencing the service that you are used to from Curve,. Since the launch of subscriptions we have had a huge amount of customer requests and the support team is working as hard as they can, with other parts of the business helping out as well.
We will get to your request as soon as possible.

It is the same system. I have raised a ticket to investigate why it is not working for some people (I am one of them).

We will also work on improving the amount of information you can get in the app regarding your ticket. This is in the ideation and investigation phase so won’t be done soon.

What I don’t understand is that the ticket system is clearly Zendesk based.

Zendesk has some really useful features that can be used to categorise calls and manage customer expectations - as well as a very convenient customer-facing portal through which tickets can be raised, managed updated.

Why can’t this just be enabled? It would be nowhere near enough, but it would be a start and would at least be a quick way for customers to check up on their issues and report when they can expect a response.

I am no expert regarding Zendesk, but we are looking into it, as I said.

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