How do i disable magnetic stripe and online payments on my curve card?


Im not sure about how secure my card details are with curve. Is it possible to deactivate the online payments, magnetic stripe transaction and atm withdrawals on my curve card ?

I mostly use chip and pin based transactions so i would like to disable the other ones until i use them. Is this possible ?

I see a lot of my friends not using curve because of the absence or ignorance of the availability of these features in curve.


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There are no option to disable these function

I would like to disable the contactless payment
After researcher in UK have hacked the system
To make any payment with no pincode
100% success

Visa vulnerability lets cybercrims bypass contactless card limit

Flaw enabled compromise in ‘100 per cent’ of tests

When testing the attack with five major UK banks, Leigh-Anne Galloway and Tim Yunusov were not only able to bypass the verification limit “irrespective of the card terminal,” but also found that the attack is possible with foreign cards and terminals.

That’s for visa, curve uses MasterCard…

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Why are mastercard contactless payment more secure?
I guess we will see a mastercard hack in 2019

I don’t know, I’m not a hacker :joy: just the article you linked to was Visa not Mastercard…

I know it visa
But i was thinking it the same with mastercard

Wondering why mastercard was not even tested

Because the vulnerability was found with visa not MasterCard, I wouldn’t worry

Visa and Mastercard are different companies and use different systems.

Let’s wait and see how long it take to hack mastercard

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As @Lucas said, they are different companies running different protocols of security. Yes, ofc, everything can be hacked, but from hacking in prepared environment to actual mass cash stealing is a long way. And those companies like VISA aren’t just looking at this, they are constantly fixing and improving their security systems. For example lately they introduced the system that monitors Your transactions based on location and habbits so If it detects transaction at 3:00 AM on gas station that were never done before by You it will require additional verification even if its for low amount of money.

Hi @Thax,

what you refer to are risk engines, banks as well as card schemes use these to detect fraud. Curve has it’s own, there is some information here if you’d like to know more:

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Always nice to get more knowledge, thank You.

I agree with OP.
Please add those options. They are standart in other fintech (which starts with R). :yum:

And purple ones beginning with S :rofl:

You could certainly “remove”/demagnetize the magstripe…
Just take a strong magnet and make circles over the magstripe.

Seems like extreme. We need proper “software” way to deal with this.

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Well you cant just “turn off” a mag stripe
Its pysically encoded.
Look at this clip
And if you never use a card or are destroying a card on purpose (an old card) that magneg technique is extreme but effective

You can disable the maag stripe with the revolut card
No problem

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What he means is, he doesn’t want the mag stripe to deactived on the card, he just wants every Magstripe payment / charge to be declined

Is that not the same?
You can activate it again with 1 click

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