How do I get the dark version of the app back

I’m afraid I can’t work with the new light version, how can I get the old dark one back?

Profile > Enable dark mode (at the bottom)


It’s quite buggy though for me.

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I hate the new light theme too, so switched back to dark and it’s really bad. Can’t see who I spent money with or how much I spent unless I click into the transaction. It’s horrid, can the old theme be put in as an option - it was so much better than this mess. If curve read this here are a few items to work on.

When in the dark mode, clicking a transaction opens the transaction information page in bright white - really sore on the eyes if everything else is in dark mode.

Can read loads of the text because it is back on black :roll_eyes:

Are you on iOS? I don’t seem to have this issue. I am on Android.

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I am on Android. I think for this one, try clicking timeline.

Here are some examples of the mess that is now curve.

Could you name your device and your Android version (and your Curve app version), because I am having none of these issues on my Android device. And which dark mode have you chosen ‘System default (recommended)’ or ‘On’?

Could you also share the bugs/screenshots? What device and OS (and Curve app version) are you on? And which dark mode have you chosen ‘System default (recommended)’ or ‘On’?

I am using a Samsung S7 Edge running Android 8.0.0 and curve 2.12.13

Did you notice the ‘disclaimer’? I just did…:point_down:t2:

I will be honest, nope I do not remember seeing that warning the first time, bit I just changed to light mode and back and it did come up. Must have clicked without reading. My bad, although I would have thought a feature with known potential to screw up the UI would have been introduced with a/b testing the same way the curve send was. My wife was in the guinea pig group for that. I was not.

Me neither. So might be added later.