How do i opt in to receive refunds on curve cash and not on my underlying card?

Refunds on Curve Cash used to be instant. How do i opt in for that instead of refund in the underlying card ?

You can’t. The refund will go to the underlying payment card, you used for the original purchase. Only when the refund couldn’t be matched to the original transaction, it will be processed to your Curve Cash account.


Totally understand.

Before it went to Curve Cash. Are there any plans to bring back this ?

I doubt it. :point_down:t2:

Moving one way definitely means it can move the other way. Would be fantastic if there was an option to receive the refund on Curve Cash. And frankly, why not ? Curve loses absolutely nothing… its 100% no brainer win-win

Just remember curve cash is GBP only

I quite liked the idea of refunds going to Curve Cash, it was kind of nice that the money would be instantly available.

Would be nice if we could see it return as an optional feature one day when the concept and technology is more mature.

I also upvote this feature - when will it be available as I see it has been promised for 6 months?

Hey @ac welcome to the Community! This isn’t something that we’re working on bringing back at the moment. As Paul linked above, we took feedback on board and changed the process so that refunds would be processed to the original card used if possible. If there’s no transaction to match it to, then it will be processed to your Curve Cash card.