How do I reset the in app passcode?

I have forgotten the pin for the app (ironically to see the pin for my card) and can’t work out how to reset it.

The faq on this site says uninstall the app and install it again so you get promoted but that didn’t help as it seems to be set to the same pin.

Any ideas on how to do this on Android?

Try logging out of the app (bottom option in the hamburger menu). When you try to log back in, you will receive a magic link by email, open this link with the Curve app. This should reset your app pin.

Try reset the app
Now it should ask to create a pin the open the app again

@poeliev When I log back in, I use the “with Google option” and never get a magic link

@hup how do I do this on Android, I uninstalled it and redownload it

If you choose the ‘with Google option’ your app pin is still the same and has not been reset? Strange (behaviour should be the same as the email option).
You don’t get the option to create a (new) app pin (by pressing the blue button with the 3 dots or by going to the ‘show (card) pin’ menu)?

Edit: I have just tested it and I do get the option to create a new app pin after signing back in with Google. I am on app version 2.11.2+21102, the Beta test version.

Hey James!

If you’re not receiving magic links, could you get in touch with customer support ( with your verified email address so we can take a look for you? :grin:

Yep logging in with the magic link fixed it. Thanks guys.

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