How do you see the original MCC category if you changed it?

Made a transaction yesterday that I thought was grocery, but it showed up as shopping in the Curve app. Looking through the transaction, I noticed that I can change the category of the transaction after the fact, so I changed it to grocery.

  • What does changing the transaction after the fact actually do?
  • Will changing the category post transaction move it to the card associated with my smart rules?
  • How do I go back and see what the original category was after it’s changed?

Changing the category won’t change the MCC the underyling card was charged with.
It doesnt change anything to the transaction or the underlying card, it will only be listed in a different category under your insights.
And its not possible to see the previous category.

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Perhaps this thread should move to suggestions then.

I think it would make sense to always be able to see the original category, otherwise it will lead to confusion if people inadvertently manually change the category.

Can you see the merchant code in Curve?
That would be interesting! :thinking:

No, you can’t, but you can vote for it here: