How does ATM Withdrawals Work? Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown

Did you check whether your BIN shows as debit or credit via BindB?

Yes, but this is not the point.

What was the result?

Credit obviously

Then it will be regarded as a credit card and you may be subjected to the Fair Use Policy fees. Had a chat with the Product Team. There are many features in the pipeline that we want to realise in the coming year, we won’t be able to prioritise a separate system for charge cards during this period.

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Funnily enough bindb shows my Curve card as German :man_shrugging:

Hi tried to withdraw 4000 CZK from my Czech bankaccount/debit card through Curve and the ATM said that they will charge me with extra 125 CZ (ca. 5,5 €) because I use a foreign card!

Is that correct?

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There are certain ATM’s that charge their own fees for using a card that was not issued within the home country. These fees are separate from Curve and your underlying bank.

You have to avoid withdrawal from Česká spořitelna and Moneta money bank ATM’s

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Hello, does this mean all my withdrawals will be fee-free in case that I have only debit cards linked to the Curve card?

Hello @JK :smiley:

With a debit card linked to the Curve card it’s free for up to 10 ATM withdrawals per calendar month; thereafter £0.50 /€0.50 per ATM withdrawal.

Hi there,

I was wondering how ATM withdrawals work for Curve Blue card in EU countries.
Say, I have a bank account in Hungary that, by law, allows 2 times 75,000 HUF per month of fee-free cash withdrawal in the corresponding ATM (so an Erste bank account holder can only withdraw 2 x 75,000 HUF per month in Erste ATMs). Let’s say I use my Curve card and I would like to withdraw cash from a random ATM in Hungary in HUF.

  • What would happen if my Erste bank card is selected in the Curve app and I use a different ATM than Erste’s? Would Curve apply a charge because I use a different ATM?
  • Can I go above the 2 x 75,000 HUF limit with Curve card cash withdrawals (Curve allows up to 10 withdrawals) in terms of frequency of withdrawal (e.g. 3 x 50,000 HUF) or by the amount of withdrawn cash (2 x 80,000)?

I understand that certain ATMs can charge a free for withdrawing cash by default, let us not care about these cases for now. If I consider Curve card as a channeling vessel to my “real” bank cards, I would assume that my “real” bank cards fees/limitations should apply. If not, I can manipulate the amount of money and the frequency at which I am allowed to get cash from ATM. Is this a perk of using Curve? For instance, I use Revolut for withdrawing small amounts of cash at Hungarian ATM because I am only allowed to withdraw 2 times per months, otherwise I am charged a 0.2% fee by banks…

Thanks for the clearing thoughts in advance, hope to get an answer on this shortly.

Curve will not charge you. If Erste bank will charge you depends on if Erste bank recognises this transaction as a cash withdrawal.

Also in this case all depends on if your bank recognises these transactions as cash withdrawals.

I have a credit card that charges me 4 euro if I withdraw cash with it. But if I withdraw cash with my Curve card with this credit card as underlying card I will not be charged, because it is not recognised as a cash withdrawal by this credit card company.

But I have seen stories where in such a case the credit card company does recognise the transaction as a cash withdrawal and one gets charged a fee.

Also check this topic:

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Is this in all banks in Hungary like so (only 2x75k HUF free withdrawal per month allowed)? Sounds like nightmare :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Curve_Marie,
Kindly accept my referring to your first post here in its current form, section Domestic ATM withdrawals. You use an example of withdrawals £10 each 20 times and an equation 10 * £0.5. Can you elaborate bit please?
Can you also elaborate usage of exact same equation in section ATM withdrawals with credit card as underlying card(s) please? Can you elaborate usage of equation £180 * 0.02 bit more please as unfortunately I don’t see where those £180 come from? Are those the £20 overall withdrawal fees which are not considered by Curve as cash withdrawed but missed somehow in your calculations? I also wonder why the 2% fee applies as gross withdrawal amount does not surpasses £200 limit.

Domestic maen UK ?
Or my own country?

Domestic means in the same currency as your underlying card (as you have set it in the Curve app).

It means every transaction in the currency set up in your selected card

So set the local currency with a revolut card
You can take benefit of the Domestic ATM withdrawals

Nice to know

It’s a pity that curve offer small number off local currency as selection.