How does card replacement work?

Trying to understand how both the support team and card replacement work…

Curve: Email: After a while we will start charging or card replacements
Me: Hmmm, better get my old card replaced for free, whilst I still can
Me: Hi, Curve Support, can I get a replacement card, please, and will current one still work until new one is activated?
Support: Yes, we can send you a new card
Me: And, will current one work until that arrives?
Support: Yes, it will
Me: OK, new card, please
Support: OK. new card on its way, and your current one will work until new arrives
Me: tries to use card declined, declined, declined…
Me: Erm, card isnt working, are you sure it is still supposed to be doing? I need to know as travelling next week!
Me: Hello?
Me: Hi, its been 2 days now, any update? How do I raise a complaint?

Me: Oh look, another tumble weed

That was 3 days ago (6 days since last communication from support), and still no response!!!

So, once a replacement card is triggered, is current card supposed to continue working until new is activated?

And, how do I raise a complaint?

Hi @QuaCKeReD Sorry to hear that you had a poor customer experience. I can confirm that depending on the situation, we are able to reissue a card with or without blocking your previous one. Our Customer Support team has the expertise and system access to help you out. This is why we ask you in the Code of Conduct to contact them with any queries about your Curve account, card, and transactions. Since you have already raised a ticket with us a member of the team will reply as soon as possible.

I don’t quite understand the logic here? Why would you want to replace a working card?

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My card is very old and this shows from the battering it takes.

If curve are going to start charging for replacement, then I may add well get a fresh card for free

PS; The new cards are made significantly better! For a start it doesn’t appear to be a metallic later on top of plastic, it’s all done on the card surface now :grinning:

Mark Kelly-Smith