How does cash withdrawal work with any amount and without fees work?


Can anybody explain to me in simple words why I can withdraw cash from ATMs in Germany for any amount and without fees when this isn’t possible with the card of my own bank issued here in Germany? (Min amount is 50€ and there’s a fee)

I hope this isn’t just a bug that I’m enjoying which can be fixed any minute :slight_smile:


Different financial services make their money in different ways but, you will have a limit.

If you go to the Curve app > Account > Card limits then you’ll see it.

The Curve transaction is seen as an online transaction by your bank but before, and hopefully soo, the correct MCC will be passed on and your bank may still apply their fees. This is the case with TransferWise, for example.

I dont know why

I have a similar experience in denmark
Curve, revolut can withdraw money without a fee
If i use my own card i will be paying a fee for using another bank ATM
And with my lunar card, online bank, they dont operate ATM

Yeah as @schgleeg mentioned, it’s all to do with how your bank actually sees the transaction. Currently when you use your Curve card at ATM’s, your bank is actually seeing this as a regular transaction, not an ATM withdrawal. This ultimately comes down to each and every bank - some may see it and some might not :slight_smile:

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