How does Cashback work?

Curve Cashback has been updated and launched as Curve Cash!

Curve Cashback - Expired rewards programme

New Curve customers (who have signed up after Friday, 16th of February 2018) will receive a 90 days introductory offer of 1% instant cashback from a list of over 50 retailers. The 90 days starts when you sign up with Curve.

  • Curve Blue cardholders can choose up to 3 retailers to earn 1% cashback with.
  • Curve Black or Curve Metal cardholders can choose up to to 6 retailers to earn 1% cashback at, from an expanded list of retailers.

One point is equivalent to one pence (GBP) - so 100 points = £1.00. You can see your balance in either Curve Rewards points or GBP - just tap the balance on your Curve Rewards card to switch between the two.

When spending at your preferred retailers, you’ll get instantly receive cashback points onto your Curve Rewards card. Once you’ve accumulated points, you can use them to make purchases anywhere where you’d normally use your Curve card, with the exception of ATMs.

If you make a purchase at a selected Curve Rewards merchant, and later receive a refund for that purchase, the points you’ve earned from that purchase will be deducted from your Rewards balance.


Rewards points can be earned from transactions made at the following retailers mentioned below.

Food & Drink: Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Pret a Manger, EAT, Nando’s, Itsu, Pizza Express, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Honest Burger, Byron, Leon, Wahaca, and Foodora.

Groceries: Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco, Planet Organic, Aldi, Lidl, and REWE Markt.

Shopping: John Lewis, House of Fraser, IKEA, Zara, ASOS, Topshop / Topman, H&M, GAP, The White Company, Boots, Media Markt TV-HiFi-El, and Saturn Electro

Travel: GETT, TFL, Trainline, Virgin Train, BP, Shell,, DB Bahn, MVG Automaten, and BVG.

Lifestyle: Netflix, Spotify, Cowshed, Electric Cinema, and Tate Museum.

Curve Black cardholders also have the option to choose:

Food & Drinks: Dishoom.

Groceries: Ocado, Marks & Spencer, and Whole Foods.

Shopping: Selfridges, Amazon, and Apple.

Travel: Uber, EasyJet, and Four Seasons Hotel.

Lifestyle: Everyman.


Curve (Free) cardholders can redeem up to £300 worth of rewards points over the 90 day introductory offer.

Curve Black (£50) cardholders can redeem up to £600 worth of rewards points over the 90 day introductory offer. The limit is achievable, subject to an increase in your yearly spending limit to at Curve’s discretion, and/or the use of additional promotional Curve Boosts.

Step-by-Step: Set up and using Curve Cashback

Go to the ‘Connect’ tab.

  1. Tap on ‘Curve Cashback’.
  2. Tap ‘Get Started’.
  3. If you are a Curve Standard cardholder select up to 3 retailers. If you are a Curve Premium cardholder select up to 6 retailers.
  4. Once the retailers have been selected click ‘Next’.
  5. When you are ready, tap on ‘Confirm’.
  6. Spend at your chosen retailer.
  7. Select your ‘Rewards’ card.
  8. Pay with your Curve card to spend Rewards points earned.

Customers who signed up before the 16th of February are on the Rewards programme.

I was legacy black card user I just expired from cashback beginning of jan 2019 but before the end of jan my cashback has restarted and I’ve been collecting cashback ever since and to say it’s expired will stay expired and you want get cash back is completely wrong I have metal I have 3 months from upgrading so end of April nearly they will expire unless the new rewards come out that keeps it on going prob make them better and cashback will be available from the six retailers but what else I don’t know yet but as they say it’s coming

Hello @wbrowngala,

Customer Support can look into your personal cashback programme and give you insight to how many points you have, and when your program expires.

In general, when you upgrade, you can choose whether you would like to remain on your current programme or restart the 90 days with the retailers of your choosing.

If you signed up before 16th of February, please see: How does Rewards work?

Hi, will you please confirm if all retailers (where apply) are included globally or only in UK.

It’s a relevant point for non UK customers.


Hi @g_glnx,
With Cashback you can earn points with your chosen retailers globally, not just in the UK.

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The apple store does not allow me to register the curve for payments because is from UK… so the cash back it is indeed some how limited.

Good to know, but it’s not a limit imposed by Curve.

Is there a plan to extend the Cashback program or is it gone for good when you´ve hit 90 days?

We are considering extending it. You can find more info here: Potential Metal/Black new feature: an improved Curve Cashback

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Hello @Curve_Marie . Can I ask, does the “go back in time” function work when you have paid for a purchase using up rewards , but then you want to move this to a credit card?

Transactions that have been made on your Curve Rewards cannot be moved to another card using Go Back in Time. Vice versa, you are unable to move transactions to your Curve Rewards card using Go Back in Time.

You can read more about the type of transactions that can be moved using Go Back in Time here:

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Does the cashback show instantly on the rewards card under the app when a purchase is being made at the selected retailer?

Hi there! When you make a purchase with one of your selected retailers, the cashback will be added automatically and appear on your Rewards card in the app. Hope this helps!

@Curve_Marie, Monzo and Starling customers can integrate with Tail, which is basically a discount finder. Will I still be able to claim these if debit card is used via Curve?

Hi @Maciej89 :wave: Tail only gives cashback when spending at certain retail partners with your Monzo or Starling card. If you use these cards with Curve, Monzo/Starling will see all transactions as coming from Curve, so you wouldn’t earn the Tail points.

Thank you @Curve_Herman. That seems to be Curve’s Achilles heel in the overall revolutionary idea since it forces me to keep my debit card in the wallet and remember when to switch. Which diminishes its very promise. Most importantly, Tail is yet another from the same cadre of fintechs - not a phase-out product easy to be replaced. It tells me that many more startups may be forging partnerships with neobanks like Monzo and Starling to offer other additional value (whatever they may be). I think that the Curve’s main competitors are already here and they’re called: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Though none of those has GBIT, do they?

No, but I am rarely mistaken. :slight_smile:
It doesn’t mean I don’t value Curve @Graham - I really do and keep my fingers crossed for future growth. It merely shows how hard it is to offer additional value in this niche, packed with global players. I think that honest comparison should be between Curve, Apple, Google and Samsung. It’s actually mind blowing that Curve was able to take on them and still offer advantages. In a nutshell, Curve main advantage is the ability to add nearly any VISA or Mastercard while the mobile payment systems only work with participating banks, but allow to earn rewards and get discounts with selected retailers. The final step would be to get the best of both worlds. What a changing world we live in!

I would like to know if I will get cashback when I shop from a supported retailer but outside UK, in a different country, for example Lidl in Germany?

Yep, in deed you will :wink:
But be careful with cashback with Apple, it only works if you are Apple account is English, because Curve is registered as an English MC of course. :wink:

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