How does charging the card twice over 2 weeks work

So I’m making a payment of £1000, with £500 now and £500 2 weeks later.

If I’ve selected card x when they take the first payment, but after change it to card y, will card y be charged if it’s active when payment 2 is charged?

Does that make sense?

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Any charge on your Curve card is being made on the underlying card selected at the moment of authorization.

If your merchant bills you twice within a period, the first charge will be made on the underlying card chosen at the moment of transaction, but if you change your underlying card within the period between those recurring transactions, the new card will be charged.

There are some ideas to improve that, read here: Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments)

If you want to change the underlying card charged by Curve, you can always use Go Back in Time.

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If you mean GbiT:
The new card will be charged on the same day you are doing the GbiT.

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Thanks guys. That all makes sense. I guess in the future there will be more support for this kinda thing.

question solved