How does Curve Cash work?

Curve customers will receive 1% instant cashback every time they spend with their Curve Mastercard® at retailers of their choice - from a list of over 100 retailers in the UK and abroad, including Amazon, Tesco, TfL and more.

Curve Blue Curve Black Curve Metal
1% instant Curve Cash for 90 days (introductory offer) 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time
3 retailers 3 retailers 6 retailers

One point is equivalent to one pence (GBP) - so 100 points = £1.00.

You can see your balance in either Curve Rewards points or GBP - just tap the balance on your Curve Rewards card to switch between the two.

Retailers Overview

Food & Drink
Burger King (Coming soon), Byron, Caffè Nero, Costa Coffee (Coming soon), DB Automaten (Coming soon), Deliveroo, EAT, Foodora, Honest Burgers, itsu, Just Eat, Leon, McDonald’s, Nando’s, Pizza Express, Pret a Manger, Starbucks, Wahaca, and VIPS (Coming soon).

American Golf, Arcadia Group, Argos, Ask Italian, Auchan (Coming soon), B&Q, Belgo, Bella Italia, Burton, Café Rouge, Carpetright, Clarks, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Ernest Jones, Feelunique, Goldsmiths, H.Samuel, Halfords, Laithwaites Wine, La Poste (Coming soon), Leroy Merlin (Coming soon), Leslie Davis, Marriott International, Miss Selfridge, Moss Bros., Mothercare, National Express, Nero Express, New Look, Outfit, Papa John’s Pizza, River Island, Spafinder, T.G.I. Friday’s, The Works, Thorntons, Topman, Tune Tribe, Virgin Experience, Wallis, Waterstones, Wilko, Wyevale Garden Centres, Yo! Sushi, and Zizzi.

Aldi, Asda, Continente (Coming soon), Franprix (Coming soon), Intermarche (Coming soon), Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Mercadona (Coming soon), Netto Market- discount (Coming soon), Ocado, Planet Organic, REWE, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, and Whole Foods.

Cowshed, Electric Cinema, Everyman, Netflix, Spotify, and Tate.

Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Boots, Carrefour (Coming soon), DM-Drogerie Market (Coming soon), El Corte Inglés (Coming soon), Gap, H&M, House of Fraser, IKEA, John Lewis, Media Markt, Monoprix (Coming soon), Saturn, Selfridges, The White Company, Topshop, and Zara.

Travel, BP, BVG, DB Bahn, easyJet, Four Seasons Hotels, Gett, MVG Automaten, Norma (Coming soon), Ratp (Coming soon), Shell, TFL, Trainline, Uber, and Virgin Trains.

Retailer selections are made by Curve and there is no agreement between us and any of the retailers.

Step-by-step: Setting up and using 'Curve Cash'
  1. Update to the latest version of the Curve app.
  2. Go to the ‘Connect’ tab.
  3. Tap on ‘Curve Cash’.
  4. Tap ‘Get Started’.
  5. If you are a Curve Blue or Black cardholder you can select up to 3 retailers. If you are a Curve Metal cardholder select up to 6 retailers.
  6. Once the retailers have been selected click ‘Next’.
  7. When you are ready, tap on ‘Confirm’.
  8. Spend at your chosen retailer and instantly earn Rewards points.
  9. Select your ‘Rewards’ card as a payment card in the Curve app.
  10. Pay with your Curve card to spend the Rewards points you have earned.
I’m already on a different rewards programme, how does Curve Cash affect me?

Customers who are on our original rewards scheme (who signed up before 16 February 2018), will keep their previous rewards scheme, regardless of what Curve card you have.

If you are a customer on our current rewards schemes, Curve Cashback, your programme may change automatically depending on your card tier:

  • Curve Blue customers will remain unchanged - you will still have your choice of 3 retailers for the 90 day introductory period.
  • Black Legacy customers will remain unchanged - you will still have your choice of 6 retailers for the 90 day introductory period. You won’t be eligible for Curve Cash unless you upgrade your subscription.
  • Curve Black customers will continue on your previous 90 day introductory offer with a selection of 6 retailers, before being moved to the new Curve Cash. At the end of the 90 day offer, your retailers will be reset and you can pick 3 new retailers which you will earn points from for an unlimited time.
  • Curve Metal customers will continue on your previous 90 day introductory offer with a selection of 6 retailers, before being moved to the new Curve Cash. At the conclusion of the 90 day offer, your retailers will be reset and you can pick 6 new retailers which you will earn points from for an unlimited time.

If you are a Black or Metal customer and your 90 day introductory offer has already expired, you will automatically be given the option to select your new retailers for an unlimited time.

Please note, if your 90 day introductory offer finishes and you do not re-select your retailers, you won’t receive rewards until you do re-select them.


You can spend your Curve Cash anywhere you like! You will need to have enough points to cover the entire transaction otherwise the payment will not be accepted. You also won’t be able to withdraw cash while your Curve Rewards card is selected in the app.

Please note, for Curve Blue customers, Curve Cash is an introductory offer and valid for 90 days from either the date you confirm your cashback merchant selection or the date you activate your Curve card (whichever occurs later).


It will be good when the support group manages to get me (and other metal/old hats) onto the system…feeling a bit left out… :frowning:


@Isdnick If you are currently on our old rewards programme, there is a short wait on moving you to the new Curve Cash programme. However, we are working on it and you should be moved shortly. :wink:

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I’m sure it’s been asked many a time before, but I’m assuming that Curve Cash is credited after the card authorization is finalized (both for the merchant and from Curve)

Would someone from Curve be able to tell me how authorizations work with Curve? Do you guys claim after the initial one from the merchant to Curve has finalized or straight away?

Asking because a Deliveroo restaurant rejected my order :frowning: as such I’ve had to order again (different restaurant) but I’m wondering if my underlying credit card is going to have both amounts taken entirely and then have one refunded or if it’s going to have two authorizations then one claimed?

cc: @Curve_Ivo ^^ (Please also read below!)

P.S. Can someone from Curve up my trust level? I’m trying to give you guys feedback as well as be an active member on this community but damn, these post caps are very irritating. Have to wait 20 minutes before I can post this :slight_smile:

cc: @Curve_Marie ^^

Curve Cash is credited immediately after the transaction is approved by Curve, because merchants can take longer to complete the authorisation on their end.

There are two phases to how transactions are processed when you pay with Curve. This blog article explains in-depth how everything works behind the scenes:

We’ll write up an explainer as a new Community post, so the information is clear & in one place.

If the first transaction was rejected by the restaurant you won’t have been charged & this won’t be reflected on your credit card statement. You will only see the capture for the successful order. Our Customer Experience team will be best advised to check this for you, as we can’t access customer accounts from the Community.

You can reach them by raising a ticket in the app or sending an email to

Transaction wasn’t rejected.

Deliveroo first processed the authorization and then the restaurant declined it afterwards. As such I have two entries in my Curve, which is why I’m presuming the authorization won’t be claimed or it’ll be refunded to my CC shortly

In this case, the authorisation of the first transaction will be reversed by Deliveroo & no funds will be captured.

We would advise to get in touch with the Customer Experience team as they can double check and confirm this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Be careful with rewards curve doesn’t give to all locations off your chosen retailer if the merchant name doesn’t match the name of the company I visited cafe Nero I spent £8.05 expecting £0.08 back but got zero cause the location card machine said dundee as the retailer merchant so no automatic curve cash rewards

Just be aware and get support to fix it

Yes, please do! :smiley:

Curve Cash is an actual joke lmao

Never selected my merchants but just selected them the other day and they tell me my 90 days expired in December last year

??? I never benefitted from the offer and never selected my merchants

Is this intended behavior @Curve_Ivo? Surely the idea is the 90 days starts once you select merchants?

To clarify I had to contact support to tell them they’d never been credited to my account for them to tell me it expired, despite me having never taken advantage of said offer

Did you start with curve blue? There was a time limit for rewards that probably expired and now you add your merchants and can see they are expired.
Probably limited time from card activation not rewards sign up

I still am Curve Blue and won’t be upgrading to Curve Black/Metal as a result of this :slight_smile:

How can you tie an introductory offer to an activation? I’ve had no chance to see how well the feature works and the feature is definitely one that I think is defining to Curve. Without it I don’t see much point of Metal or Black.

That’s what support told me.

Very stupid considering that this is meant to be Curve showing off their feature that they want people to buy into Black and Meta for.

@Curve_Marie do you think we can get a change of policy?

I don’t quite understand why you think you’ve been wronged? It’s always been very clear for Curve Blue that it’s a three month introductory offer and nothing more… it certainly isn’t a defining feature of Curve, it’s effectively a sign up bonus that - because of the American Express issues - has been made indefinite for premium customers.

We are all for constructive feedback, we do ask you to keep it civil.

It’s a 90 days introductory offer, which is why it’s connected to the signup process. One option of solving this could be to prompt customers who haven’t chosen retailers to do so.

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A better option that would let them get a better taste of Curve is to have no time limit on redemption of the offer. You guys are prepared to pay it after all, so I don’t see why you’d cut potential Black/Metal customers out of redeeming it to see how reliably things are credited etc.

It certainly is. The idea of making cashback across all my cards used is certainly an appealing one, even if it’s limited to a few merchants.

Should Amex have been here I wouldn’t consider it important at all, but it isn’t, so it is very important.

The taste of what Curve Cash has to offer is the introductory offer of 90 days :smiley: The vast majority of our customers have been able to do so. We’ve highlighted your experience to the product team so we can look into how the messaging can be improved.

Please be keep in mind that this topic is on how Curve Cash works (Cc: @andyk) and that you’ve already have spoken with Customer Support regarding your personal Curve Cash introductory programme.

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I wish KFC was included in the Food & Drink section, I’d upgrade to Black or Metal without a doubt.

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Do you spend that much at KFC? You need to spend like £15k a year to cover the cost of Metal in cashback - £10k a year for black

That’s assuming you pay up front


Apologies if I have missed something but is there any news on whether Black or Metal customers will be able to change their choice of Curve Cash retailers and if so when/how often?


I’d love to know as well! :slight_smile:

I think that it would be the case if Curve added new retailers at the very least!