How does Curve Cash work?

I still am Curve Blue and won’t be upgrading to Curve Black/Metal as a result of this :slight_smile:

How can you tie an introductory offer to an activation? I’ve had no chance to see how well the feature works and the feature is definitely one that I think is defining to Curve. Without it I don’t see much point of Metal or Black.

That’s what support told me.

Very stupid considering that this is meant to be Curve showing off their feature that they want people to buy into Black and Meta for.

@Curve_Marie do you think we can get a change of policy?

I don’t quite understand why you think you’ve been wronged? It’s always been very clear for Curve Blue that it’s a three month introductory offer and nothing more… it certainly isn’t a defining feature of Curve, it’s effectively a sign up bonus that - because of the American Express issues - has been made indefinite for premium customers.

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It’s a 90 days introductory offer, which is why it’s connected to the signup process. One option of solving this could be to prompt customers who haven’t chosen retailers to do so.

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A better option that would let them get a better taste of Curve is to have no time limit on redemption of the offer. You guys are prepared to pay it after all, so I don’t see why you’d cut potential Black/Metal customers out of redeeming it to see how reliably things are credited etc.

It certainly is. The idea of making cashback across all my cards used is certainly an appealing one, even if it’s limited to a few merchants.

Should Amex have been here I wouldn’t consider it important at all, but it isn’t, so it is very important.

The taste of what Curve Cash has to offer is the introductory offer of 90 days :smiley: The vast majority of our customers have been able to do so. We’ve highlighted your experience to the product team so we can look into how the messaging can be improved.

Please be keep in mind that this topic is on how Curve Cash works (Cc: @andyk) and that you’ve already have spoken with Customer Support regarding your personal Curve Cash introductory programme.

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I wish KFC was included in the Food & Drink section, I’d upgrade to Black or Metal without a doubt.

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Do you spend that much at KFC? You need to spend like £15k a year to cover the cost of Metal in cashback - £10k a year for black

That’s assuming you pay up front


Apologies if I have missed something but is there any news on whether Black or Metal customers will be able to change their choice of Curve Cash retailers and if so when/how often?


I’d love to know as well! :slight_smile:

I think that it would be the case if Curve added new retailers at the very least!

I suggested to the support team that since buyers shopping behaviour can change seasonally and depending on gender then at least curve black users should be able to change their preferred retailers at least once per quarter. They promised to provide the suggestion to the product team. I am only a Curve blue holder and would certainly love my curve cash to be a permanent offer. While for the short term i could forego that considering i dont pay a monthly fee, my proposal is that long term differentiating Black and metal plans from blue by enabling the former to change retailers regularly, give them a larger selection of retailers (4 for Black and 6 for Metal or 6 and 8 next year) and maybe for Metal users increasing the cashback % to 1.25 or 1.5. I could get 1.25% + rewards from several providers and would like to see Curve move in this direction by next year.

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I would like some more partners :wink: specifically in regards to travel so it’s not just

But yeah my shopping habits do change eventually - I shouldn’t have to wait 6 months and cancel my Curve Metal to then reselect merchants - we should be allowed to swap up to 24 out over the course of a year imo.

100% agree, that would be awesome. I also see that 3 retailers are not enough for me. I would even consider buying Curve metal instantly for those 6 retailers, but its not avaible outside UK :frowning:

Apologies for the late reply! We might introduce this possibility in the future. As it has already been mentioned in here: people’s habits change over time and sometimes it’s as simple as having moved :smiley:

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How to spend Curve cash first while charging the balance on another card?
For example I got £5.00 Curve cash balance, want to use it while buying a £50 product, I want £5 charged in Curve cash, the balance on the card of my choice. Otherwise there is little point to Curve cash.


Not possible for now I’m afraid, you just need to spend the correct amount on Curve Cash and then make up the balance with notes/coins - or only purchase something up to the value of your Curve Cash.

Feel free to vote for Backup source card

It’s easier to send it via Starling Settle Up,, revolut payment request etc, then actually to spend the exact amount.

Some discussion here

How can I see the 3 retailers I’ve chosen? Can I change them?

Press the ‘i’ (when on iOS) or the gearwheel (when on Android) below the picture of the Curve Cash Card in your Curve app.

Normally the answer would be no, but… :point_down:t2:

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How do I look at or change my selection of retailers to earn curve cashback? The instructions here and on the app seems to be out of date and refers to a Connect tab that no longer exists. Tried to write to support in app however seems this is not working either (and have found a thread where other people are also unable to write to support in app).


Hey, it’s not possible to change your retailers once you’ve already selected them. You can view your retailers by going to the ‘Wallet’ section and swiping across to your Curve Cash card. Click on the small ‘i’ or ‘gear’ symbol underneath the card image and then select ‘Curve Cash’. Your selected retailers should appear then!