How does curve make money?

So I’ve been super happy with curve, and have shown it to many friends, and there is two benefits people really like : 1) reduction of number of cards in your wallet. 2) using credit cards in places that don’t take it.

My friends always object with the same questions “how does curve make money in the transaction process”?
“Who pays for the credit card fees?” “in the transaction process, who looses out?”

I’m not a banking or card expert - so a dummies guide to the business model would be interesting. Does anyone else get these questions when showing it to friends?

A friend of mine, some months ago, dampened my ardour whilst I was extolling the virtues of Curve.

Like me, he gets why it’s a great piece of innovation in fintech - essentially unique. But he said “at some point it needs to make money - or fold”.

Of course, Curve must become profitable - they’re not a charity after all. And no doubt, everyone here wants to see them succeed.

But let’s hope they get the “how” right…

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I think you’ve got your answer. . . Anyone else less than enthused about the changes to a subscription model?

They will make a decent amount of money on the commercial cards but subscription fees will really be Curve’s only option on the consumer cards.

Have you checked the product Roadmap?

There’s credit, investment, and various other things that could be profitable. It’s likely to be a mix of things.

When they offered free black cards with the REISE-code, they were admitting that they had to get new clients as they were fundraising.
It is obvious that is was clearly the plan to get as many clients into the chargeable tiers without them suspecting anything. Now they change the plans, charging existing black users again, and the new “REISE”-clients for the first time. I do doubt that this will work, as it has damaged the credibility and angered a once loyal fanbase.
I wonder what the investors will say when that scheme does not work and no one buys the premium tiers.

What’s a REISE code, please?

See Curve giving away premium for free to new users

I assumed some sort of clawback from Mastercard along with a premium subscription offer for us consumers.

From Mastercard’s perspective this will be growing their share taking volume away from Visa (and Amex would have been in the plan of course).

Curve Blue is still free today in September 2019.

But perhaps in the end they will levy an annual charge to all customers?..