How does Curve work when using magnetic stripe?

In EU using contactless and pin&chip is now standart, but in some parts of world magnetic stripe is still widely used (for example Asia or USA).

Will Curve card work when using magnetic stripe in POS?
Will Curve card work in ATM’s who use magnetic stripe?


hello moon… doesn’t work here in France on POS in supermarket.( carrefour).
The POS terminal was out of order with the chip&Pin function, we have tried the mag stripe…failed…

Did you tried with other card in same place and it worked with magnetic stripe?

I do have only one card working on mag stripes in shops in France, it’s my Russian Visa.
And i had only my Curve card this time.

My theory is that all EU issued cards will not work in POS with mag stripe in EU by default, but nevertheless they should work elsewhere (Asia, USA, China, etc).

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Yes, mangetic stripes are not used for payments on terminals in Europe.

And, it is not a secured payment either.

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Yes its works as long as make a fallback to the POS. I try 5 times in Greece and Sweden and works great.

It worked for me in the US.


One of my UK credit cards worked with magnetic strip at POS in UK. (card reader was dirty and it wasn’t picking up properly on the chip). Swiped and signed.

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A fallback transaction is attempted when a chip can’t be read (usually due to a technical miscommunication) which results in the transaction ‘falling back’ on the magnetic stripe. This kind of transaction is particularly vulnerable to fraud and so we generally don’t allow it but trying the transaction again often fixes the issue! :+1:

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@Curve_Liz Nope. Not in my case. Tried 3 times. It was for gym membership (where I have already been a member for several years so they knew me). I had 3 cards on me. Amex, Capital One and Debit Visa. They wouldn’t accept Amex, I wasn’t happy paying a large sum on my visa debit as no cashback, so my capital one cashback card was the only viable option. I find I have to replace the Capital One card way before the expiry date due to the chip getting contaminated. (I use alcohol and cotton bud to clean it every so often but that only works for so long). The curve card will give me another option in the future linked to the capital one card, but if the chip on the curve card starts messing up, the card will be sitting at the back of a drawer until it expires. I would refuse to pay £5 for a replacement card in these circumstances. :slight_smile:

Now if the curve card were to work with Apple Pay, perhaps I would hardly ever have to risk the chip in the card at all (assuming that most merchants will accept over £30 on Apple Pay by the time curve finally gets Apple Pay working)

A few years ago, i had a professional MC from The Royal Bank of Scotland. Never worked on Mag stripes in France nor in Europe, but very fine in US.

Curve works with Mag stripe ( just like all other VISA or MC cards) in France and all europe when used…at Highway toll ! Remember …! you just put the card inside the reader, and the card comes back without typing any pin code ! Without your pin code, the payment cannot be validated . That means the payment is made with the Mag stripe. No ?

Well, here in Portugal for highway tolls the card only enters half way, so I’m pretty sure it’s not the mag stripe being used tough I’ve not stopped at tolls in at least 2 years

That’s another info ! Maybe i’m wrong…that means in Portugal the card is not “swallowed” by the machine like here in France…in that case, you are right ! the Mag stripe cannot be used…only the Chip…

In the US I paid in many restaurants with the curve magnet stripe. Without a problem!

Just incase you needed more info, magnetic stripe is particularly vulnerable to fraud and so we generally don’t allow it; but some transactions will go through as POS magnetic stripe transactions are allowed with your Curve card. It’s likely they could still decline due to the vulnerability risk.

Magnetic stripe ATM transactions won’t go through when using your Curve card as the outdated technology is vulnerable to fraud.

Where possible, it’s advised you use Chip and PIN or contactless :blush:

Most of the time I use a small piece of tape to cover the chip in order to fallback and make a swipe transaction. I never like the chip and pin and its not secure at all.

Chip has more info than the magstripe.

But if you insist @Curve_Helena to use the Chip then Chip and Signature is the best, faster and safest option. So please pass this to your team in order to make it available for anyone need this card. AND of course there is a link for this your can read.

A chip and PIN card remains the fastest and most secure way of making a card payment.

But even the website you linked says that Chip and Pin is the most secure? So you’re literally contradicting yourself if that makes sense?

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Helena just as your colleague Liz i am under the impression you don’t know exactly how it works…
what does it mean “we don’t generally allow it, but some transactions will go through”.
my logic says you allow it if will go through.
in what conditions am i able to use swipe? only when inserting the chip gives out an error?