How does it work? Simple questions about how Curve operates

Using a product that’s new to the market naturally brings up a lot of questions. If you are new to Curve or just curious about how exactly it all works, this is the thread for you. There is no such thing as a stupid question and asking them will help other customers, so please bring them forward :smiley:

How transactions are processed might be food for thought.

Hello. As a user new to Curve, I don’t know if this is possible (or on the road map), but is there any way Curve can forward the original transaction detail to the card? For instance, let’s say I shop at Starbucks. Instead of having the transaction say «CRV*Starbucks», I would have liked it just to say Starbucks.

Also, does the Curve Code forward the MCC code?

Answered quite few times already in the forum and on the blog.
MCC passthought --> Yes
CRV* --> no mentioning that it would ever be removed, also keep in mind that Curve needs to let you know somehow in your statement that they are actually the merchant charging your underlying card and not Starbucks charging your card.
*LONDON --> request has been noted a few times in the forum already that people would like to see it removed


Remember this is a thread for new customers. The tone above is not needed or warranted. Remember it’s nice to be nice.


You’re right, but that’s on me for merging the two threads. Sorry, I should have given @Lucas a heads-up

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We know the benefits The Curve card brings. I like what I am hearing for 2019. However if a company wishes to be paid by a bank transfer and not by debit/credit card, is there a way to use the curve card? If not will there be an option in the future to do so?

Unfortunately not. We are not a bank, so there wouldn’t be an account to transfer the money to in this case.


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