How does Subscriptions work?

There are 3 Curve subscription options:

  • Curve Blue - free
  • Curve Black - £9.99 /month or €9.99 /month
  • Curve Metal - £14.99 /month (£150 if paid annually in advance)

Click here to compare the different tiers.

Subscriptions FAQs

How do I change my subscription?

You can change your subscription at any time in-app under “Card” and “Manage Your Subscription”. Alternatively by getting in touch with our Customer Experience Team by raising a support ticket in-app or emailing from the email address you used to sign up with Curve.

For more details about downgrading your subscription tier, please see section 5.5 in our Terms of Service.

How can I make sure I downgrade before the trial period is finished?

You’ll receive information from us in due time before your trial period is over. When you receive it you will have the option of either continuing with your subscription, down/upgrading or move to Curve Legacy (be grandfathered).

Can I change from annual subscription to monthly?

Yes, you can by contacting customer support.

Can I change the card the subscription is charged to?

Yes, you can. The new card you chose will be charged in the next billing period.

Can I create my own model of selected benefits?

No, the different tiers with its benefits and features are offered as a bundle.

What happens to my Rewards/Cashback programme when I upgrade my subscription?

You can stay on your current programme or request to move to Curve Cash by speaking to the Support Team.

Nicely explained @Curve_Marie, thankyou.

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It seems this is the only place I’m able to receive support. :neutral_face:

I’m currently subscribing to the Metal card and payment is taken monthly. I would like to know how to change this to an annual membership and for a full 12 month payment to be taken.

Thank you.

Are you sure you want to do that considering we don’t know what the benefits of Metal are going to be yet, since Amex went away? I would advise to wait.

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I’ve got a reply from the support team ≈10 days ago:

unfortunately, we are not able to change payment models once selected.

So, I believe, we have to wait for 5 more required months and then we’ll be able to change to annual payments model.

I am trying to find information about an annual subscription for Black but it seems that there is only a 9.99 rolling monthly plan while Metal indeed offers a cheaper annual plan. Unless I have missed an idea with comments from Curve, are there any plans of introducing an annual Black plan for say 99 Euro or GBP?

I think someone pointed out that it is possible to get a Black subscription for a month or two while travelling and then downgrade back to Blue. Would I get a black card to replace the blue one and if I cancel two months later a new blue one? Or would I keep the old blue or the new black one when I revert back to the Blue plan?

No comments from Curve regarding an annual fee for Black in that topic, but at least you can vote for it.

Hey there, there isn’t currently an option to pay for a Black subscription annually. It’s a good idea, so thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass your comments on to our team.