How does the card work? Is it monthly payments when used?

New to using this card. Wondered how it works! Is it like a normal Mastercard? Is it monthly payments for purchases or do they take the fill balance out of your bank?

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It’s a Mastercard debit card so it comes out of your bank account.


Is it a monthly installment?

No, it isn’t. With a ‘normal’ prepaid or Debit MasterCard you will respectively have an underlying wallet (which you will need to top up) or underlying bank account. With Curve you have one or more underlying cards.

So when making a payment with your Curve card your currently selected underlying card which can be a (certain prepaid) debit card or a credit card will be directly charged.
If the underlying card is a (prepaid) debit card the transaction amount will be directly taken from the balance of the wallet/account of the underlying card.
If the underlying card is a credit card the transaction will be put on the credit card and the arrangements you have in place with your credit card company (regarding installments) will apply.


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