How fast can I use upgraded features?

In a few weeks, depending on the £:$ rate I may need to make an fx saving on over £500 and potentially would like to quickly add new 1% categories moments before a purchase. I won’t know if I need to upgrade until I’m about to make the purchase.

So my question is, if I perform an in app account upgrade and let it take payment, will I be able to use the same blue card number with these extra features, essentially on the spot?

I’ve read that some features like insurance work right away. But what about the purchase based features? Do only a few soft options kick in and I otherwise have to wait days for a new card and its number before I can buy anything?


You will be able to use your current card until you recieve your new card. I upgrade the begin of July and have been happy with what I’ve received.

Will I be able to use my current card with the increased exchange rate limit and extra merchants at 1% right away?

Yes. The only thing you won’t be able to use are the features that are tied to your Mastercard number: LoungeKey and additional Mastercard World Elite bonuses, if applicable.