How long does a replacement card usually take to arrive

My card is due to expire at the end of November.

The app has already updated to the new card. This in itself isn’t an issue, however it does mean that I can’t see the details of the old card even though I’m still using it.

The app is saying that the new card should’ve arrived by the 26th (of October). I know the post can be a fickle thing, but our post isn’t normally this slow - it’s a week late?

Also, I’ve just noticed that my limits have now changed! Last week before the new card I was able to spend £5000+ per day, now it’s only £2000. What’s up with that??? I guess it’s all tied up with being issued a different card (new no.) rather than an actual replacement card.

Got a big car repair bill looming. Again, not an issue, I’ll just use the underlying card, just annoying - why isn’t all this against me as a customer/my account rather than the card?

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Hey @thecremlin, Curve cards usually take between 3-5 working days to arrive in the UK and can take between 7-14 working days to arrive in the EEA.

If you still haven’t received your Curve card then I’d recommend raising this with the Curve support team. They can help by issuing a new Curve card to you if needed and will also be able to bump your limits back up for you!

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Thanks. I’ve already done this. I guess it’s “in the queue” with all the other tickets.

This is my first ticket I’ve had to raise with Curve, so it’ll be interesting to see how fast it’s actioned - there’s not really a good word said about customer services on this forum - we’ll see what my experience is like.

If they have to issue another card, is that yet another number?

If it is it’s a right PITA having to keep changing the number - one of my prime uses of Curve is to not have to keep updating my number everywhere :wink:

Oh well, I’ll keep this ticket updated with the results.

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So my new card dropped through the door this morning.

The date on the label is 22nd October, this would tie in with the expected delivery of 26th October.

It’s taken 2 weeks (14 days)!

I don’t know where Curve cards are produced, but somebody needs to look at that process there is a delay in the supply chain somewhere.

Now just waiting to hear about my limits.

After nearly a week customer services have come back to me about my limits asking for identification.

I’ve got no issue with this per se (I’ve provided what was asked for). As a long term Curve user it seems odd to need to provide identification now (after years).

I’m not asking for an arbitrary increase, I’m asking for my limits to be put back to what they were - they changed due to what I see as a flawed new card issuing process - esp. as I was not notified in any form that the limits had changed.

I await to see the result.

Still waiting. So my experience with customer services appears to be as good as everybody else’s - absolutely atrocious.

All I’m asking for are my limits to be put back to what they were. I’ve supplied the requested documents (I don’t even know why they were required).

It’s hassles like these that make/break a service. As much as I like features such as GBiT, are they worth this hassle? The fact I’ve had to use underlying cards now rather through Curve mean I can’t use it even if I wanted to.

I know I’m just one customer, but I can’t be the only one thinking that Curve has lost it’s sparkle and the hassle isn’t worth the benefit anymore.

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