How long it takes an "identity check"?

About 10 days ago, without any warning in the app or in a mail, my Curve card stopped working, my payment attempts got declinded, and after i opened a ticket, I’ve found out that my account has been blocked for an “identity check”.
Customer support sent me a link and i’ve uploaded my ID and selfie This was 8 days ago… since then, total silence, i’m getting no answer to my messeges, and my card is still blocked.
Any ideas, how long could take this identity check?

Hey @Iosif.Illes, welcome to the community!

We can’t confirm how long a particular ID check can take (for a variety of reasons) however, feel free to raise a new ticket to and they’ll be able to give you more details on the timeframe! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @CurveJake,

Thanks for your reply. I have already 2 tickets with, and I’m not getting any answers on either of them…
I was very excited when I started using the Curve Card and app, now I’m getting more and more dissapointed… :frowning:

Is this something we can just ask for and get out of the way? Curve is my life and I’m not prepared to wait to just be annoyed by the inefficiencies of another Fintech while I wait to use their product :upside_down_face:


I read this in several post that a Curve Card gets blocked for an identity check and then some simple answer follows that they cannot say how long this check takes as it depends on a variety of things. Personally I feel blocking existing cards is total bull…t as I have never experienced this with any of my regular MasterCards or visa or AMEX cards. Once your identity is established during the application that’s it. The only reason they can temporarily block a card is when they notice suspect transactions. A phonemail to the card issuer to confirm that the card is still in your possession and that the said transaction is indeed made by you would suffice. I experienced this once in the USA when I was spending a lot in several shops. They just wanted to make sure that it was me. But blocking a card for a renewed ID check which then takes more than a week is rubbish.

I ve got this kind of email.
I sent them in Saturday, how long I need to wait to unlock mine account?

Really worried I lose my money inside :frowning:

Hi @sasuke1234, I received a similar communication couple of months ago to verify my identity.

Once you click on the link and proceed with the identity verification, if everything looks good, they’ll unblock your Curve account and you’ll have access to your Curve balance.

In my case, it was done in 1-2 days, but this was pre-Corona times - not sure if it takes a longer time now.

But it remains strange. With my regular Dutch bank you only have to identify yourself once and that is it. Would be unthinkable they block your account for a renewed identity check. This is where all these finntech companies miss out. It is nice to have it on the side, but never give up your “old fashioned” bank account. By the way Dutch ING is one of the most advanced when it concerns internet banking and banking through an app. I only use curve because I can add my regular credit cards and that is a workaround to use them with apple pay. My " normal" bank also has apple pay but I don’t have a credit card with them.