How long to wait for Support to reply?

My friends being trying to change his phone number and is still waiting on a reply from in-app support?

What’s the waiting times like?

Your friend can change their phone number in app or, if they don’t have access, try sending them a tweet.

Neither of us can find a way to do it an app.

Sure we can tweet them, but it’s their direct support? Seems madness.

I’m slightly concerned about the Curve customer service.
I contacted Customer service three times since I joined curve.
The first time it took them ages to respond and when they did, the reply sounded like they haven’t even read my question. It was more like a copy paste answer, not even relevant to the issue highlighted. I replied to them and explained this. No one got back to me.
A few days later opened a separate ticket, and much later finally someone answered my question.
A week ago I contacted them again with a separate issue. Same thing happened. Waited for ages for someone to reply and again the reply is not relevant to my question.
Very disappointing.

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I had a similar experience two weeks ago although I have to be honest they did reply within an hour but clearly hadn’t read my question.

I was asking when I could cancel my metal membership without paying the £50 charge for the card. I specifically asked could I cancel after making my 6th monthly payment (in other words after 5 months and 1 day) or did I have to wait until the full 6 months was up (and risk paying a 7th payment).

Their response “you cancel after being with us for 6 months”.

So I go back and remove the option and just say can I cancel penalty free after making the 6th payment which is at 5 months and 1 day. They reply saying yes because it will have been 6 months 🤦. Maybe they meant because it will have been 6 payments but it’s worrying that you don’t even get answers to the questions you’ve asked.

You expect it when customer service has been outsourced and they work off a script but not when it’s kept in-house and from a company that prides itself on service.

Then I had a request to rate the service they’d provided :joy:

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I am on the disappointing side sadly
I have send then question over 1 week ago, no respond
About ATM, currency exchange

And they didn’t know why my card was rejected on google site
They suggested it was because of the lack of 3D secure. But we all know Curve support google pay
And people are using it, no problem
Google point the finger at curve. And i tried google support again, and the person from there english team, say indeed it our side
And today it was fixed

I think curve should use some kind of AI, machine learning to help them answer email faster
Question or things maybe ask. Would be answered automatic and fast
And the more complex thing could be worked on
Free up there team
And the option to train the AI

I raised an issue back in early September and apart from 2 requests fior more information and a screen shot of the issue I have not received a reply. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement!

They REALLY need to put more resources into support. If they really plan on going as big time as they want, having little to zero support isn’t a great starting point.

Just a bit of updated on this guys. I have contacted customer support on the 6th of November. On the 10th someone got back to be with a copy pasted answer which wasn’t relevant to my question. I’ve messaged them again on the 10th, then a few days ago … but no reply. This is actually shocking !!!
I’m reading posts about issues deleting accounts and holding PII against our will. Do you really want to end up dealing with a high number of Data Subject requests ? What’s happening Curve ? I wanted to invest, but I’ve missed out due to platform issues , but now I’m starting to be grateful . I’m very sorry to say this , but someone has to start mitigating these issues .
I’m sorry but I’m currently very disappointed in Curve.

PS: still waiting for Apple Pay.

My experience with Curve support is that they sometimes just ignore requests if they are tricky or hard. I’ve had requests that are never replied to and others that are fine within 8 hours.

100% agreed.

There’s a ton of examples on this forum of people moaning saying they have already talked to support and theyre still waiting on a reply…

It just doesn’t feel like a professional company.

My email from october have no response

I raised an issue with support as I have been unable to select Curve Cash retailers since August. First raised the issue in September but not resolved and have been told they are looking into it. I must admit I’m getting really frustrated at the lack of response or progress.
Conversely, I had a problem with a refund and it was solved within a day!

I also have been waiting for Curve to get back to me since December 7th. A hotel have said they have processed a refund, but Curve have only refunded pennies of it.

The support used to be really good, but it has certainly got worse in the last couple of months - maybe it has gotten busier this time of year, but when I am £80 short and not sure who is responsible it’d be really nice if someone could help me out :(.

This shouldn’t be the case, pop an email over to to open a new ticket and see if the support team can get it resolved for you!

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My curve card was locked/disabled because I entered the wrong CVV “too many” times on a website. This was 5 days ago and I was told it has been sent to the right team to be re-enabled, still waiting despite daily emails.

Loving my investment right about now (NOT)

Is not helping your are spamming there inbox

Asking for support is considered spamming? Firstly it would be useful if Curve Support would actually read the question or issue raised before the reply. Secondly when they say it will get fixed then please provide a timeline so that people know not to “spam” their mailbox by following up on the open issue. Is there a SLA that customers should be aware of so that their expectations for support time-frames are managed and met?


I contacted them using the number in the back of my card and had a resolution within 2 hours :slight_smile: