How many cards?

Hello all :slight_smile:

How many cards have you added to Curve ?
Anyone that has really a lot of cards inside? Does the app works still fine in a case like this ?

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I have 4 cards

Two. The rest can be added to Apple Pay.

I have 9 and the app still works like a charm!

2 Dutch
1 German
2 Polish
1 Spanish
3 English


I have 9 as well:

  • 3 danish
  • 3 Spanish
  • 1 German
  • 2 English

16 at the moment.

It works fine but the limited choice of colours (only 6) for the generic card images means it’s a bit hard to find some cards. I did send in some card images a while ago but they haven’t appeared in the app yet.

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I have 19. Moving through the card carousel is a chore :weary:


I have 12 - all UK ones. Yes quite tricky to find the correct one due to limited icons. Works fine so far - will be adding 2 new ones this week.

Wow 19 :slight_smile: How come you got 19 cards :slight_smile:

Each one has a specific purpose (I don’t just go around signing up for cards for no reason) and if Curve supported maestro as well as more “prepaid” cards it would be almost 30 cards.

The explanation is that I deal with people from different countries that I need to pay or receive money from and I try to make it as frictionless as possible, as well as minimizing fees, by having accounts/cards that support different payment methods used in different parts of the world and local account details for different currencies


I see :slight_smile: Thx for the elaborate answer !

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After all that is the purpose of Curve :slight_smile:


I have … 7

3 Irish cards
2 UK cards
1 Spain Card
1 South Africa

I have 4 cards in the CURVE app.

You could tap the icon in the top right and get a very fast scroll down list of cards. Though a grid layout might be easier that the carousel for selecting cards in the wallet.
I’ve only got 7 cards registered and the app works well.

Had about 12 or 13 in there and all seemed well. I have removed some as using Curve less as using cards in different currencies actually created some ‘loosing money’ issues, especially when using cards that do Multi currencies really well themselves.

Currently, I have 19 cards loaded on Curve. However, this will drop to 18 in a few weeks when the ridiculous Tandem “membership” kicks in.

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Tandem membership ? What do you mean ?

Hi Bionicecho,

Tandem issue a UK Mastercard providing 0.5% cashback, no transaction fees and excellent FX rates. However, Tandem recently decided to stop accepting new applications in the run-up to a new “membership”, in reality a monthly card fee, of £5.99 per month. Existing Tandem cashback card holders who do not sign-up to the new “membership” by 9th March will have their account closed.

In practice, the new “membership” is only good value if you either have a high average monthly spend (>£1200pcm) or high levels of persistent card debt. If this might apply to you see

I have 7 cards at the moment:

  • 4 Romanian bank-issued cards
  • 1 Revolut Card
  • 1 N26 Card
  • 1 Orange Money Visa Platinum Card

I only have 2 small problems:

  • not being able to add my dutch Maestro card, but I know that Maestro support is under investigation :slight_smile:
  • the color limit, even if I don’t know how some of the cards are paired with the original card image, but this happens in a random fashion manner :thinking: