How many of your referrals activated Curve?

I had a look and only 1/3 of those who ordered the card using my referral actually used it :confused:

I’ve only referred one person (my fiance). She only used it because I bugged her to, though after bugging her several times, she actually now really likes it, and uses it as her main card.

Personally, I don’t really like being a walking advertisement for a company, so I don’t refer people to things very often. When I do, it’s for a company I’m fully confident will provide a good product/experience - unfortunately Curve have dropped the ball on that this year, but if they get their act together I might refer more people in future :slight_smile:

For me it was the opposite: I did not expect anyone use the referral which I have included in a post about describing what’s Curve and what is it for, but people thanked the information by using the referral, I guess.

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But how many activated the card?

I’m not sure what your question is. I wrote a public post, read by unknown amount of people. I only see those who have actually activated the card, since only they generate a reward notification.

Or do you want to know exactly how rich I have became by referrals? :roll_eyes:

You get the notification once someone uses your referral but you only get the reward if the person uses the card. That’s what I’m asking.

In my case out of 100 people only 33 use the card.

Then 100% who have used the referral have also used the card, I have no pending rewards.

Lucky you!

None have used my referral as I explained to them about Curve and they went and did some research and saw about them taking AmEx to court and they steered well clear.

Possibly we are on a very different continent. :wink:

(“AmEx? What’s that, a food or an illness?”)