How Many People Only Carry Curve

I realise this might be slightly controversial but how many people here only carry and use one card (I.e Curve)?

for me only carrying Curve was fraught with worry. I never knew if it would work so I always ended up carrying a backup. As I only carry one debit, one credit and then Curve I now just carry a full wallet again.

The only card I carry is Curve but only because I have other Apple Pay options on my phone.

I hate having to carry any cards.

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I guess I’m curious for how many people Curve has replaced all their cards.

Given I use Apple Pay most of the time I’d say carrying Curve and Apple pay doesn’t answer the question entirely.

I wonder how many people on Samsung Pay have only their Curve card and no other cards active

I do but I carry a backup abroad and if something big then I do. Nothing worse than a declined and once you get a couple it increases anxiety. Curve just aren’t there yet.

If they had curve credit like paypal credit then you could as a failed card could go straight on credit. They could also offer pay more than £100 and get 4 months interest free. Not sure it will happen though.

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Until they resolve the dispute with AMEX, in the UK at least Curve cannot be your wallet in one card should your wallet include preferred AMEX cards…

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Although I use Curve as much as possible, there are many situations where I don’t because that would mean losing out on benefits provided by one of my credit cards. Either my Amex giving way more reward points on things like groceries and dining, or in general one of my cards providing things like extended warranty, flight hassle insurance, car rental insurance, etc.

The Amex issue could theoretically be solved but I don’t see it happening.
The insurances require the full amount to be charged directly to the card providing them so I’ll never use Curve for that.

I only take Curve with me 99% of the time unless there is scheduled maintenance. If I’m out of the UK I take 1 other card to be on the safe side… Never needed it yet though…

I have always kept a full wallet but I normally pay with my Curve card.

I did have just my curve card for a while, but now I carry them all again. Generally only use my curve now for a retailer I get cash back or when I’ve forgotten my pin!

I only carry curve unless I am going to tesco to put fuel in the car. Only once had an issue with curve but the cashier kindly split the £50 in to two £25s so I could use google pay.

I don’t only carry my Curve Card - sometimes I need to use other cards to qualify for certain benefits.

However, the bigger issues are unanticipated downtime and also websites where Curve is not accepted (including where Curve themselves have blocked the retailer without telling anyone but where it used to work previously!)

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I only carry Curve + an AMEX Platinum card…if/when AMEX comes back to Curve, would be interesting…I also agree with the Apple Pay comments - would be great to see this implemented finally…

I carry two other cards, one is Santander MC World (mostly for Priceless Points), second is ING Visa credit (just in case, if first card will be refused). In my opinion two different card systems from two banks is a good redundancy.

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This doesn’t only apply to Curve, but only an idiot would rely on one card, what about where either the retailer doesn’t accept cards from that issuer, the issuers system is down (does happen more than you expect). Always, always carry at least two cards (from different issuers on different networks - Visa/MasterCard)

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Many only have 1 banks
So if there are a system outbreak on the bank or the payment system the bank use, you are out of luck

It’s not Shakespeare - but it’s definitely true :grinning:

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I only carry curve card in UK since I have other cards on Google Pay and also the ability to take cash out without a card.

Abroad I take 2/3 other cards as I get unlimited fee free cash and spend with alll three other cards. One of them is credit card which I use to book flights and car rental for extra protection.

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I go out without the physical card but use my Curve card through Google Pay for daily use

I use my Curve abroad (as a replacement for my no-commission credit card which stays in the hotel along with a back up)… but I can’t use my Curve card to pay in to my account at my bank so I have to have the relevant debit card when I want to actually put money IN to the bank itself (because who carries around their paying in slips anymore!).

I also got caught out in a basement level supermarket for emergency supplies - no signal so could not change to the card I wanted to use so had to use the card itself to get some groceries.

Curve for me comes in most handy when I am travelling abroad. Back home it has little use to be honest.

I carry Curve + Amex when in the UK.

When abroad I carry my Nationwide debit + Tandem credit (and no Curve) because of the weekend additional charge.