How marketing division spoils Curve Cash

Curve Blue is typical choice for new customers, rewarded in Curve Cash program with 500 points = 5 GBP. By referring Curve card anyone can get next 5 GBP - everyone here knows it.It is one of the perks which can convince new users.

But you may not know that Curve marketing organized so far few promotions offering referal code which will give new user 10 GBP. One example of it from summer 2019 is here: and it is not the last one, you can easily find others.

So how can I refer card to a friend or write on my blog about it, saying “it will give you 5 GBP” as friend can answer “you stupid, I found a code for 10 GBP, do not fool me”. I cannot compete with that, not that way. Marketing division treats participants in unfair, dishonest manner, giving special, “better” codes to some bloggers or sites.

This way referral program is not going to work. If you want to reward someone, please do behind the scenes, do not spoil the program by unequal treatment of some participants.

This could be true of almost every company that offers referral rewards? How does this affect you? The referral is for word of mouth. The promo advertising is for attracting further new business.

As you can see, referral is not word of mouth literally. It s 21st century, people use Internet, so referral is also text you can read in the web. Whom will new users listen, me, telling about 5 GBP, or a site or blogger who has special deal with Curve and offers 10 GBP? The latter one. And yes, it affects me as I cannot compete with it, trying to advertise Curve. And everyone else too.

Yes but this is exactly what i mean, your referral is going to come via word of mouth of sorts, either verbal. Or through facebook etc where the people are likely to know you or to be connected to you in some way. The £10 reward is more like advertising, through 3rd party sites etc. And is the same model energy companies etc use to grow their audience. As people who already use the service have limited reach, where as blogs etc have a greater audience.

That is not true. I AM a blogger and member od affiliate programs. These programs treat bloggers equally. Curve does not offer that.

For me idea of unequal rewards is not only unfair, It is stupid as Curve Cash does work only for few. Try it yourself, then teach me.

It’s a reward not a revenue stream. I think you’re looking for some kind of affiliate programme maybe speak to Curve directly? :man_shrugging:t4:

Sure I do. Like hundreds od others. Rewards are dead, long live revenues. Now you got it.