How quickly is the new card charged when using Back In Time?

Just wondering how quickly the authorisation for the charge on the card that I’ve moved a transaction to, using Back In Time, will be?

So if I make a transaction on another card that I move to my Monzo card, will I get the transaction notification & see it in my feed straight away or is the authorisation only taken once the refund is complete on the original card perhaps?

When I’ve moved something to my Tandem card, I’ve normally got the notification from Tandem before the Curve app told me that Go Back in Time had completed. Going the other way, I normally get the notification of refund a few minutes later.

Fairly small sample size though, so it may not always be that quick.

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The new card will always be charged before original card gets refunded, if new card gets denied, GbiT fails


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That’s exactly right. We first charge the card you want to move the transaction to. If the charge fails, the GBIT will be declined. If the charge succeeds, a refund is automatically processed to your original payment card - while the Curve notification for this might show up right away, it might take up to 5 working days for the refund to appear on your underlying statement.

Hope this helps :grin:

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Wouldn’t it make more sense for Curve to refund us prior to charging us again?

We could end up with double the amount of money locked.

Perhaps Curve could automatically send us an email saying that they have no intention on claiming the authorization (should the transaction not have been claimed yet) so the bank will free the money? :slight_smile:

That poses an obvious security risk for Curve if the new charge fails. Not gonna happen. On top of that, the refund is sent immediately by Curve and any delay is rather caused by your respective bank.

Yes, up to 5 working days. Usually it’s a way shorter period though, like a day or two. IMO issuing a refund a few seconds before the new charge is made doesn’t really make that much difference. If you’re really concerned with your money being locked, consider using credit cards instead of debit.


I had 1 experien where it only take some hours
My bank had made an reservation
And i had paid with the wrong card, change it slightly after
And a couple of hours later, the reservation was deleted

I think its depends
If the bank had process the payment, you will have to wait for a refund, instead of it just an reservation

I also had an experience where it took severals day, the go back in time was made 1 or 2 day after the payment